Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Luck Colie!

My friend starts writing her Post Graduate exams today. Good Luck Nicole! Here is a little good luck something i made for her:
Step 1: Get three sheets of square paper as above. These measure 8 inches by 8 inches but they can be any square size you want. (yes, i designed and printed these papers myself. i'm fancy.)
Step 2: Fold all the papers in half both ways to make a plus-shaped fold. And then fold it point to point one way (diagonally).
Step 3: You should now have a square piece of paper that has four folded squares - two of which are split into triangle shapes. Glue the square pieces of paper together - so that the papers bend in opposite directions like this:
Step 4: You can cut smaller coloured paper squares and triangles to fit into the folded squares like this:
Step 5: Do this with all the inner sqaures (if you want) and then you can write personal messages or notes or journal/scrapbook. You can use ribbons, tape, coloured papers or whatever else tickles your fancy...
Step 6: Fold it into a squash-book concertina, close it with some tape or ribbon, stamp an image and attach it to the front and clip it with a peg to a beautiful potplant:
et voila!
perfect squash-book, potplant, good luck gift.
Make a squash-book. You can click here for a video tutorial.


Jacci said...

I'm going to try this today.

Anonymous said...

I love the squash booklet - so cute!

Kerinator said...

Genius. I love it. Good luck Colie, miss you lots, much love xx