Friday, October 8, 2010

oh the things I've done.

Decided to make a list of all the things so I've done in my life so far...
(I got a little carried away.)

  1. Eaten gelato from an Italian café in Venice. 
  2. Been dumped. On Valentines day. 
  3. Completed a 12 hour non-stop indoor spinning marathon for charity. 
  4. Had a drink in the highest pub in Africa. 
  5. Celebrated my birthday in 5 different countries. 
  6. Seen Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower. 
  7. Graffiti-ed my name in a toilet stall at the top of the Eiffel Tower – (don’t tell the officials).
  8. Did a model-esque photoshoot. 
  9. Fallen in love with vintage style photography. 
  10. Started an award-winning blog.
  11. Had my heart broken. 
  12. Gotten over heartbreak. 
  13. Been an international exchange student to Queenswood College in England. 
  14. Bitten my friend’s foot so hard, my tooth fell out (it’s a long story.)  
  15. Sung my heart out (terribly) in a South Korean Karaoke Bar. 
  16. Been on an Australian Surf Camp in Lancelin, down under. 
  17. Thrown a glass against a wall just because. 
  18. Questioned who I am and been completely in love with discovering the answer. 
  19. Designed wedding invitations. 
  20. Completed a Journalism and Media studies degree-specialising in communication design, a TEFL course, a Post-graduate certificate in Education, a Harvard Wide World Teaching Certificate, a First Aid Course and a Spinning Instructors course. 
  21. Watched a show on Broadway in New York and a show on The West End in London. 
  22. Screamed my lungs out on a rollercoaster in Disney World, Orlando. 
  23. Been afraid of the dark and deathly scared of frogs. 
  24. Walked on the Great Wall of China. 
  25. Snorkelled along the Great Barrier Reef. 
  26. Been the inappropriate drunk guest when everyone else is sober. 
  27. Admired the architecture and design in Singapore. 
  28. Had moments when I feel violently low and many more moments where I passionately and completely adore every single thing in my life. 
  29. Been addicted to the internet. 
  30. Ridden an elephant in Thailand.  
  31. Smoked Hookah with Arabs in the desert in Dubai. 
  32. Swum the Midmar Mile. 
  33. Ran a 21km road race. 
  34. Ridden an old-school train in Sri Lanka. 
  35. Cried over Photoshop. 
  36. Eaten delicious milk chocolate in Switzerland whilst watching some cows. 
  37. Owned over a hundred pairs of bracelets and earrings. 
  38. Gotten a tattoo, on a whim, in Thailand. 
  39. Waited over two hours in a Barnes and Noble bookstore in New York for the Harry Potter release, with a lightning bolt painted on my face and wand in hand. 
  40. Exploded an egg in my microwave, blown up a casserole dish and melted a frying pan. 
  41. Done numerous body shots. 
  42. Pretended I was rich enough to own a fancy yacht whilst walking down the streets of Monaco and window-shopping in all the fancy stores. 
  43. Went through a Leonardo diCaprio phase.  
  44. Already named my unborn children (and created a list of potential back-up names after searching internet baby-naming sites). 
  45. Had a picnic of baguettes, crusty breads, smelly cheeses, olives and wine in a park in France. 
  46. Written letters to myself. 
  47. Purchased things I most certainly do not need. 
  48. Been taken down a ski slope by ski instructors strapped in a bright orange body-bag purely because I got over-ambitious and realised too late I'm not that skilled.
  49. Jumped voluntarily into a pile of trash. Just for fun. 
  50. Ridden an Ostrich in the Karoo. 
  51. Stood in Times Square. 
  52. Watched the sunset over the Mediterranean in Greece. 
  53. Visited the Louvre in France, The MOMA in New York and the Tate in London. 
  54. Seen Robbie Williams and Beyonce live. 
  55. Been to Shakespeare’s house in Stratford-upon-Avon. 
  56. Lusted over inanimate objects. 
  57. Killed numerous pot-plants. 
  58. Been kicked in the arm by a zebra. 
  59. Sliced my face-open getting off a merry-go round when I was 5. seven stitches. 
  60. Been hit on by a Korean cab driver and stalked by creepy old men. 
  61. Pulled funny faces at the guards of Buckingham palace. 
  62. Have stayed awake for more than 24hours straight because I have been working and slept through a new years. 
  63. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Statue of Liberty.
  64. Held a Koala Bear and a HUGE lobster with massive and very scary pincers. 
  65. Stolen a flag hanging in the street because i thought it would look better in my room.
  66. Watched movies and only realised at the very end that I’ve already seen it. 
  67. Taken a cooking course in Indonesia and Thailand – (it didn’t help). 
  68. Dislocated my knee several times. 
  69. Been to an art market in Bali. 
  70. Looked for the blue door in Nottinghill, England.  
  71. Been out to dinner and movies by myself and completely enjoyed the company. 
  72. Caught a fish on a deep-sea night fishing trip in Koh Samuii, Thailand. 
  73. Gambled in a casino in LasVegas. 
  74. Been to the house of Juliet in Verona. 
  75. Visited St Pauls Cathedral in London and The Vatican in Rome. 
  76. Was awarded Academic Colours and Drama Honours in Highschool and graduated with six distinctions. 
  77. Eaten seafood straight out the ocean. 
  78. Broken my front teeth while having a piggy-back race.
  79. Sampled ginseng wine, unidentified wine and ‘fine mushroom’ wine and documented it for future reference. 
  80. Have stood on top of the Acropolis and marvelled at the Parthenon in Athens. 
  81. Made friends with complete strangers. 
  82. Practised my handwriting and (future signature) regularly. 
  83. Volunteered at a drama outreach program in school. 
  84. Had an Indian oil massage and visited a spice garden in Sri Lanka. 
  85. Booked myself into a love motel. Alone. 
  86. Eaten delicious and highly authentic Italian Spaghetti and Pizza in a cobbled sidewalk restaurant in Rome.
  87. Shopped in a gold-sheik in Dubai and Camden market in London.
  88. Driven in a porsche.
  89. Drunk rich, thick hot chocolate in Austria.
  90. Made amazing and lifelong friends that I will treasure forever.

    yip... I have a pretty awesome life.

    Make your own list, or a bucketlist. You might surprise yourself.


Genevieve said...

beautiful :-) Your blog makes me smile, everyday x

Angie said...

WOW! that's amazing little strawberries ;) i am very grateful to have experienced merely a couple of those things with you :) i miss you.

atif said...

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Dad said...

Thank You Che....for the ones you shared and did with me ! I love you Melrose..........XXX

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SpecialK said...

Wow! You've definitely lead the most amazingly colourful life thus far. :) Very awesome, indeed!

Ndileka said...

you left out a certain andrews field, 4th year. me, you and em haha remember?!

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