Friday, October 29, 2010

Etsy Love

YAY!! look what came in the post for me today all the way from Thailand!
Beautiful handmade leather iphone case from RNTN on Etsy. It is so lovely and it came so beautifully packaged - It even had a little "C" Leather circle key chain... 
Thank you Kristi for the perfect birthday gift!
(Now I just have to wait for the iphone...please come SOON!)

This store has beautiful leather accessories, cases, covers and things - go check it out :)

1 comment :

rntn said...

Hi Che :)

I'm so glad Yeah!! you got your case already.......Thank you for the feature + + +
you blog so lovely :3
and Happy birthday to you!!

All the best to you,
~Arnont and Toa