Saturday, October 16, 2010


If you haven't already read about my awesome trip to Busan with Kristi... I suggest you do it now.
This is a short snippet of the story of Lowell. We first meet Lowell whilst firework dueling (Harry Potter Style) on the beach: me killing Voldemort - aka Kristi-evil-bear-slayer. (Now you see... this would all make sense if you had read that last post.) Kristi just decided to smile at the lone Chinese man on the beach and he took that as direct invitation to join the Harry Potter duel. 
(side note: I'm not as scary looking in real-life.)

Anywhoo - let us begin:
So this was the first of many stories of Lowell. Lowell took us to Thursday Party - a sports-type bar and bought us some drinks because according to Lowell, in Chinese tradition, it is very important for Chinese man to buy girl drinks and food and many things to show that he is rich.

i'm fine with that.

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wernerkrause said...

meeting lone chinese men on a (deserted?) least we know that Kristi could have used her lethal bear-slaying-skills on him if he tried anything!!