Sunday, February 19, 2012

7 things Sunday

7 things I've done this week -
  1. Watched epic Valentine's Day hustling go down in the Grade 5 class I am in.
  2. Kept time for the lane one swimmer's for the interhouse junior school gala. WOW. Some mothers. NEED to calm down. it is NOT the olympics. I promise.
  3. Went go-carting with my dad and brother. fun.
  4. Skipped gym in favour of an afternoon nap. awful. wonderful.
  5. Had delicious Sunday Morning scrambled eggs with my family made by my lovely brother.
  6. Collected my new driver's licence and passport. Im now a real person again.
  7. Yawned. a lot.


Bobby said...

Haha, there was epic Valentine hustling going down at my school too. Those kids give each other some wicked presents!  

Lindsay du Plessis said...

Erm... are you wearing ajumma pants in the go-karting pics? If not, they're lovely!

Che Kershaw said...

erm..... maybe. haha just kidding, i bought those in London at the Camden markets :)