Friday, February 17, 2012

left behind.

Before I left Korea, I hauled out a few old canvases that were hiding in the back of my drawers. There were three long canvases that I smashed together to make a big picture. I decided to do a little bit of fun-canvas-mash-up for my friend Angie from Canada who has recently built her own house. I met Angie in Korea - when we were both teaching english at the Gyeonggi English Village in Paju -


First I penciled in an outline and then taped roughly around the outline so that I could paint the canvases and peel off the tape at a later stage:


Paint. Because who doesn't love paint?


Painting in progress {below}:
(i recommend doing this on a cold day, with good tunes a-going and red wine in hand.)


I wanted to make a rough super-textured collage-type canvas set, so i printed out some pictures of our fun times in Korea together, a short poem Angie had written as a grade 2 pupil and I collected a few other bits and pieces like fabric scraps, doilies, stamps, Korean money, newspaper clippings and photographs.


After I had filled the canvas and modge-podged everything that I wanted onto it - with different layers and textures I peeled off the tape to leave a neat unpainted line of peace-dove.

And here's the kicker: I was so rushed when I got back to Korea from our Asian back-packing extravaganza at the end of last year that I didn't have time to mail the finished canvases to Angie in Canada and my bags were way too overweight to pack them... 

so they are stuck in SoKo.


Let's just say it's "a small piece of Angie and Che will be left in Asia forever"



Angie Finnie said...

You are incredible <3

Weezafish said...

Kinda sad, but very cool too!