Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventures: Cricket at The Oval

 photo oval10_zpsd95aeabf.jpg
Last Thursday I met The Husband at The Oval to watch the end of the Sri Lanka vs England cricket one day international. I've never really been to watch a cricket match before - well, I did once - when I was at university - but - to be fair - I don't remember much of the cricket, all I know is we had a good time.

 photo oval1_zps80dd5cf0.jpg
We got ourselves some fancy-pants Pims and then some wine and beers and noshed on some indian-naan wraps, which are very delicious and un-diet.

 photo oval2_zps03970fd4.jpg

Was very fascinated by the Spider Cam - which Husband informed me that the very first time this kind of technology was used was actually in South Africa at the Soccer World Cup:

 photo oval3_zpsf88697ef.jpg

I spent most of the game figuring out how to get on TV - 
But Warren persuaded me not to take off all my clothes and go streaking across the field -
And after that I couldn't think of any other way.

So settled for taking some selfies.

 photo oval5_zps58829bf9.jpg

The Oval grounds have huge boards inside the stadium 
which explain the different cricketing terms for the noobs like me - 

 photo oval7_zpsb1d614da.jpg
{People were staring at me while Warr was taking this picture.
it's ok though - because at least I have my clothes on.}

 photo oval9_zps181a164d.jpg  photo oval8_zpsc0afbceb.jpg 

After the game we walked back to the station in the most beautiful sunset - 

 photo oval4_zps0f8b1297.jpg  photo oval11_zpseddb2c5d.jpg
 photo oval6_zps381cdb07.jpg

We walked right past a pub called The Beehive.

Ché: Lol. that pub is called The Beehive. Looks like it's buzzing in there.
*hahahahaha! lol. laughs at own joke*

Warr: Yeah! Total hive of activity!

Ché: No. No Warren. Don't do that. I already won this one.

First "real" cricketing experience: total success.

* * * * * *

Am busy editing some honeymoon pics - stay tuned!


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Caley said...

Oh goodness, is there ever a post of yours that I don't laugh hysterically at?! Umm, NO! Those beehive comments - too frikken funny!!
My husband used to play county cricket so I have spent many a day ay the cricket and always lots of fun - who would have thought, always seems to boring!

Keri Bainborough said...

This post makes me miss London! And you! Summer in London not too bad when the sun goes down so late! Xx

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