Monday, June 3, 2013

{Cartoon} Our First Home

Well call us super old school, but Warren and I have never lived together. Yes, I lived with him when I came over to London - but that was more of a "digs" flat-share environment -  there were other people living in the house - so it was never just the two of us. Two Saturday's ago, (with the awesome help of Warren's old housemate Shelly), we moved into our very first Husband and Wife House together.

After we had finished unpacking all the boxes and suitcases and essentials, we sat on the couch in the lounge - absolutely not knowing what to do with ourselves.
 photo awkcouch1_zpsacf96ca8.jpg
It is a very strange moment when you suddenly realise that you will be living together-alone with this person for the rest of your life.

Nervous laughter follows.

 photo awkcouch2_zpscc843b04.jpg

"... hehehe.... oh ... hey roomie.."

 photo awkcouch3_zps95dd2cb7.jpg  photo awkcouch4_zps53a17cd1.jpg
but really, what do we do?

 photo awkcouch5_zps3b132dcc.jpg
we were useless.

more nervous laughter.

 photo awkcouch2_zpscc843b04.jpg

 photo awkcouch6_zps8d9e6257.jpg

"wow. like. this feels really weird and bizarre."
"Um. maybe we should take a picture."
"yeah. document this moment"

 photo awkies_zps88dd8e6b.jpg
above: possibly the most awkward picture you will ever see of Warren and I.

{insert nervous laughter}

 photo awkcouch7_zps036d385c.jpg  photo awkcouch8_zpscd90c82a.jpg  photo awkcouch9_zps03a51c85.jpg  photo awkcouch10_zps50c7c02b.jpg  photo awkcouch11_zps5e604a4a.jpg  photo awkcouch12_zps4356ce61.jpg  photo awkcouch13_zps07df4e57.jpg  photo awkcouch14_zpscaeacd15.jpg  photo awkcouch15_zpsee907f94.jpg

...nervous laughter which evolved into absolute full blown hysterical laughter.
We ROFLed.

Just kidding,
we Rolled-On-Couch-Laughing.

Then we cracked open some wine,
i serenaded Warren on his guitar -

"Let me HEAR my good tune!"

And all was right in the world again - 

 photo awkies2_zpsd81daa4b.jpg


If you are planning on moving house - I recommend the following essentials:

 photo awkies3_zps4be253a5.jpg

And your sense of humour - do not forget that.
Also, don't be hungover. (Ché fail).

 photo awkies4_zps5289fa2c.jpg

On not-living together:

After coming out of our awkwardly-hysterical laughter-fit - we sat and spoke about how wonderfully weird and lovely it was to finally be living together. If circumstances had been different (ie: we had been living on the same continent before we got engaged) we might have (probably) ended up living together before getting married. But we are so lucky and grateful for the way things have worked our for us because it has been such a special and exciting time. Ages ago Warren had always said that he wanted to live with a girl before he decided to marry her - you know - like a little "test" to see if you are "living-compatible" it never worked out that way for us but as Warren mentioned "I'm so glad that I have never moved in with any other girlfriend who I wasn't  sure I was going to marry and I'm so glad that I can experience this all for the first time after being married with you."

What are your thoughts on living-together/not-living together before you get married?


Tessa Tuttle said...

We didn't live together before either & it was definitely the right call :)
Having all those firsts together as MR & MRS was such fun - & made it all the more special knowing that we were starting something that was forever. For ever ever.

Rhianne said...

Yeay for having your first home together :)

Thomas and I have been living together for the past 7 years now (um, wow) and we're on our 4th home lol, so I think its really dependant on your situation, we had 2 years of being at separate universities before that so we knew we wanted to be together after being apart. Our first year together was in London too (we had a flat with just two rooms above a shop in Finsbury Park - the bathroom was out of the flat in the hall ha... I still loved it though, it was ours). I think either way, your first night together in your home as Mr and Mrs is going to be pretty amazing, just because you're Mr and Mrs.

Rhianne said...

p.s. I love the video! hahaha!

GeeGee said...

Yeah..he moved to England and straight in with me and my parents so when we were able to get out of there, we did! We spent ages thinking we'd move out to our own places then realised that we'd been living together almost properly and we'd hate to be apart again so we rented our own place. The kittens made it home though :)

Will be totally different when we buy a house, I think...somewhere not-temporary that can make our mark on! Wine and flowers notwithstanding of course...

Caley said...

My hubs and I also didn't really live together before we got married - also with the exception of the odd visit in London - and it has made a huge difference for us today. When we got married, we felt MARRIED, not just a new ring and a signed paper... x

Alicia said...

Me and Nico have basically lived together since we met - We met when I moved into the flat upstairs from him in Stellenbosch and then spent every day at the other person's flat after getting to know each other. When both of us got jobs in Cape Town we decided to move in together since we could afford a bigger house that way basically live together anyway.Still loving every minute of it :)

Jhan said...

I'm with you, Che. I got married 6 months ago, and I didn't move in and actually live with my husband until after our honeymoon. It's been pretty... interesting, but it's definitely gotten better. Like another commenter said, it is great experiencing all of our firsts together after everything is official (i.e. first bedroom set, Christmas, New Years, dining set, etc). It's great.

Che Kershaw said...

Glad you are loving it! YAY! i totally get that sometimes it makes total logistical sense to move in together - and it's cool that if/when you do get married you will have your house already set up and you can ask for guests to contribute to honeymoon fund in lieu of wedding gifts! SCORE!! :)

Che Kershaw said...

I also completely agree that it is totally dependent on your situation - warr and I would probably have ended up together if our situation/story/journey had been a different path. (It is pretty difficult to live together when you are not really dating and not really in the same continent haha) i had always said I wanted to live with someone before i married them - but... i guess... plans always change ;) (also - we have been looking at finsbury park!!)

Che Kershaw said...

ah yay! that's definitely how I feel - it has been amazing to experience all the "firsts" together as husband and wife. So that basically everything (if you're a sentimental creep like me) is so special! "oh it's our first time taking our rubbish together! let's take a picture! " - ok. yeah you're right - not that far. lol.

Che Kershaw said...

will send you my first album.

Che Kershaw said...

ah yes - i do totally agree that sometimes the situation just makes the most sense to live together! i am very very excited to be able to "make our mark" on our own place - FULL ON DIY PINTEREST EXPLOSION is waiting to happen!!!! YAY!!

Che Kershaw said...

I know exactly what you mean - it's been so nice to feel a real "change" after getting married and experiencing all the "new" things: moving in together, living on our own etc etc. it's been SO amazing! x

Landah said...

baaad idea Che ... as they always say "if you have the cow at home why buy the milk"? (in other words, you cook..clean and all the other wifely duties, but he will not marry you, instead after wasting 5 years of your life playing wife he might leave you and marry someone else)

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha great analogy! I'm so glad we moved into our first house together having never lived together before! x

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