Monday, June 24, 2013

{Honeymoon} Quilalea

 photo mozam85_zps66735d82.jpg
After the most incredibly relaxing "Part One" of our honeymoon - The husband whisked me back off to Jhb where we then flew to Maputo - the capital of Mozambique. From Maputo we flew up north to Pemba. From Pemba we waited at the airport for our next flight which would take us to a small island further north.

What husband failed to inform me that we would be catching a plane the size of a giant fly. Have you ever tried to ride a giant fly?

No. I thought not.

 photo mozam87_zps87997b74.jpg
 photo mozam88_zpsf764e8ed.jpg

That face? Can you see it? That is the face of nausea.

 photo mozam90_zpsff06ecfd.jpg
When you are flying in a plane the size of a giant fly - sitting directly behind the pilot, watching all his numbers, you will automatically believe that you know more about flying than the captain and immediately start questioning his fuel supplies, co-ordinates, navigation system and all those needles that look verrrrrry quivery and unsure of themselves.

 photo mozam89_zps6c9fabea.jpg
Your husband will conveniently position himself right next to the pilot - making it near impossible for you to kill him for fear of accidentally knocking out the only pilot and jeopardising your own life.

If you are lucky like me, your husband will hold your hand and tell you that all the rattles, bumps, and belly-dropping-dips (you know what i'm talking about) are "totally normal" for giant-fly-planes which will help calm you enough for you to get over your nausea and take a few gorgeous snaps -

 photo mozam86_zpsb43a9cce.jpg
 photo mozam81_zps55139985.jpg

* * * * * 

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After our 25-minute-feels-like-four-hours-flight, we arrived at The Airport (above) in the middle of a coconut tree plantation island. We were then given reef shoes in order to wade out into the water to a boat waiting just offshore - which would take us a further 15 minutes away to the Private Island of Quilalea.

 photo mozam92_zpsa390adab.jpg  photo mozam93_zpsd572668c.jpg  photo mozam94_zps7b342bbd.jpg  photo mozam95_zps71d85423.jpg

(Above and Below: Arriving on the island for the first time)

 photo mozam96_zpseaa6e750.jpg
Since the entire honeymoon had been a huge surprise for me - all my bridesmaids, friends and family were desperate to know where Mr Warren was taking me - so when we first reached the island, I tried to check in on Facebook to let everyone know where we were -

 photo mozamnew6_zps8f06cf40.jpg
Facebook told me there were "No Nearby Places"
Which, of course, is exactly true.

On Arrival we were given the delicious and cool coconut water - 
hacked up in a huge big coconut. With flowers. Obvs.

 photo mozam97_zps24f42c85.jpg  photo mozam98_zpse13df079.jpg  photo mozam99_zpsb653263a.jpg

We were escourted to our villa (one of 9 on the small island) where there was champagne on ice waiting for us - we kicked off our shoes and settled into island life...

 photo mozam102_zps8668cd07.jpg  photo mozam104_zpsf2fe1ac6.jpg  photo mozam105_zpsbae75225.jpg  photo mozam106_zps98cd564e.jpg  photo mozam112_zpse9f4f530.jpg
We were given the most delicious welcome platter of fresh fruits, biscuits and cheeses which was served on our private deck outside our villa. I was super impressed with how they had made a welcome note in our butter - which of course meant that from then on, at every meal, I attempted to write messages to Warren in our butter - but with way less finesse -

 photo mozam156_zpsf86d10db.jpg  photo mozam103_zps7b8bd4da.jpg
Love, love, loved all the decor and finishing touches in the villa and on the island. Gorgeous enough to be trendy and chic but relaxed enough to be island beachy - Even our safety deposit box was a huge almost "treasure chest" type of trunk with an old-school lock and key.

 photo mozam101_zpsd6b7f6ce.jpg  photo mozam107_zps5467fcd3.jpg
As a very awesome touch - we were given beautiful Khokoi Wraps to use on the island and to take home with us as a honeymoon gift.

 photo mozam153_zps3261c7b3.jpg  photo mozam12_zps772e2e66.jpg
 photo mozamnew5_zpscd84d6b9.jpg
I really loved how everything in our villa was completely open plan - our indoor shower opened up right onto our deck which opened up right onto the beach. The main bed also opened up right onto the deck and if we were lying in bed in the morning we (Warren) could go open the shutters and we could watch the sea and sunrise right from our bed. All the while, being lazy in bed, dunking our rusks into the tea/coffee I (Warren) had made.

Of course, our private outdoor shower was the most open-plan of all :

 photo mozamnew2_zpsd1b70a38.jpg

Who knows.

 photo mozamnew1_zps01448ce3.jpg
Who Knows.


 photo mozam83_zps48fcbca4.jpg
{View of our villa and private deck from our beach}
 photo mozamnew8_zpsd4b12a20.jpg

 photo mozamnew3_zps2d564706.jpg
The island itself was absolutely gorgeous and we had such fun exploring the little nature trails, hidden walks and pathways and soaking up all the chilled-out-beach time in the world.

 photo mozamnew10_zps0e2c9c32.jpg
 photo mozam128_zps571eaf53.jpg  photo mozam116_zpsb4f8ece2.jpg
Bringing in our seafood for the day.

 photo mozam4_zps177abeb5.jpg  photo mozam9_zps07857a4b.jpg
We found amazing little hidden spots all over the island - and with the whole island being so small - it was awesome to be able to feel like we had really gotten the chance to explore it all. One (adventurous) morning we decided to embark on one of the trails we had seen, all the way to the other side of the island, before breakfast -

 photo mozam2_zps5080977e.jpg
 photo mozam46_zps7ffa578a.jpg
 photo mozam10_zps6f626336.jpg    photo mozam45_zps060be9d8.jpg
It was waaaaaay longer than we were expecting lol but we had an awesome time trekking over the cliffs (in the already boiling morning sun) and through the cool foresty nature trails.

 photo mozam71_zpse7331659.jpg
We spotted the "lovers heart rock" © - which obviously must have seemed to have been just the most romantic thing in the world. Because it appears, I have a bajillion-thousand pictures of it.

 photo mozam122_zps72c8afd9.jpg  photo mozam11_zps308011aa.jpg

We spotted so many cool little living creatures on our island missions - There was even the hugest most terrifying leguaan that was hustling around outside our villa. I have a sneaky suspicion that aforementioned monster was planted near our villa by The Husband, to ensure that even in the most sweltering of island nights, I would stick close to him come bedtime.

 photo mozamnew11_zps4bbbfb60.jpg

I mean, what kind of MONSTER?!

 photo mozamnew7_zps6e1b53f4.jpg

 photo mozam123_zpse28c31ae.jpg

Each lunch that we had was in a different location on the island - The island, similar to our Exeter Lodge experience, runs on a butler system and our awesome Butler Alfredo would take us to our new table set up somewhere along the beach  -

 photo mozam119_zpsc3ac199d.jpg photo mozam121_zps0ae7e145.jpg
 photo mozam120_zps56ba5216.jpg  photo mozam151_zpsa7d300f7.jpg


 photo mozam152_zpsb0930e58.jpg
"it's all about the angle you know"

 photo mozam145_zps3a3a7ced.jpg
We had the most amazing time just chilling out, reading our books, chatting, laughing, soaking up the sun, the sea, the good vibes and the awesome company of each other -

 photo mozamgif6_zps76847c51.gif
For one of our lunches - Warren asked them if they would do a "private" lunch for us right on the other side of the island on one of the deserted beaches we found. I had no idea about this so when our Butler started leading us up and away from the main beach and towards the nature trails I was very confused, but went along with it anyway  -

 photo mozam20_zpsf9763909.jpg  photo mozam24_zpsd7339370.jpg
 photo mozam19_zps9300ec29.jpg
The staff had set up a table, umbrella, bean bags, towels, lunch and a cooler box stocked with all of our favourite drinks which they had taken a point of learning over the first few days we were there. They had even marked out a huge heart in the sand and decorated around it with green twigs and branches.

 photo mozam37_zps7df82b06.jpg
  photo mozam17_zps534cb023.jpg  photo mozam16_zps5f2d083a.jpg
After the yummy lunch we spent most of that day lazing on the beach with not a soul in sight - blissfully demolishing the well stocked cooler box -

 photo mozam25_zps98b6d8c0.jpg

Warren, being so responsible and all - applying sunscreen.

 photo mozam21_zpsd4d2140d.jpg

LOOK at how ridiculously good looking that man is!

I started snapping away at handsome husband while he was applying sunscreen, 
like some kind of photoshoot.
And -  after several beers, GnTs, cocktails and wine in the sunshine - 

he let me - 

 photo mozamgif_zps741403bd.gif   photo mozam41_zps3597f487.jpg  photo mozam40_zpsaed4c601.jpg

Of course, being the nerd that I am, I wanted to thank the staff for setting up such a cool private lunch all the way on the other side of the island (which would have been a huge mission getting umbrellas, chairs, bean-bags etc etc all the way across the island) - So I made us collect sticks from along the beach to write a thank you note in the sand for them -

 photo mozam36_zps4f3dc7ec.jpg  photo mozam34_zpsf773afd7.jpg  photo mozam39_zps49a5877a.jpg  photo mozam127_zpscdab5a6a.jpg
On the days which we didn't spend sipping GnTs and Beers from the bar in our room, reading our books on our private deck, or snorkeling in the clearest water you've ever seen through, we would take a walk to the main bar - where we could sit by the pool, catch some rays and listen to some chilled out music -

 photo mozam157_zps7e9d6db7.jpg  photo mozam155_zpsff1dbee2.jpg
(the clearest water you've ever seen. ever not seen? First pic: waist deep)

 photo mozam14_zps37ad9d2a.jpg  photo mozam15_zps657996f6.jpg  photo mozam13_zpsa50edbef.jpg

Come sunset hour, the staff and our Butler in particular, would have a look around to see what we were doing (ie: oh, they are snorkeling, but they have left all their stuff on the beach) and would organise cocktails to be delivered to us wherever we were right in time for the sunset.

 photo mozam43_zps7f558e48.jpg
 photo mozam29_zps46cfcd70.jpg  photo mozam27_zps8092d4ee.jpg  photo mozam30_zps7452612a.jpg  photo mozam32_zpse0743611.jpg  photo mozam31_zps648fe908.jpg  photo mozam113_zps6361f894.jpg
{Cocktails and Popcorn: my two favourite food groups}

Getting straight out the water from some snorkeling adventures to two cocktails and popcorn ready and waiting on the table next to our stuff - magical.

Just in time for us to lie back and enjoy the gorgeous sunsets -

 photo mozam133_zpsc99fdfdb.jpg  photo mozam110_zpsee569ca7.jpg
 photo mozam111_zpsa24caea7.jpg

 photo mozam114_zpsbbbf4e13.jpg photo mozam135_zpsae5b7a80.jpg  photo mozam134_zpsedc8ca5d.jpg   photo mozam108_zpsca8db661.jpg
 photo mozam115_zps875c27fa.jpg
  photo mozam117_zps5a04f05a.jpg   photo mozam49_zps22f879cb.jpg  photo mozam56_zps7f086279.jpg
 photo mozamgif3_zps7fc819c5.gif
 photo mozam50_zps1dec3ead.jpg
 photo mozamgif2_zps1a28ba40.gif  photo mozam55_zpsa9bb4685.jpg  photo mozam60_zps3b47b8a8.jpg

Sunset dhow cruise around the island - 

 photo mozam59_zpsc0c85de8.jpg  photo mozam64_zpsa5cf42d2.jpg  photo mozam65_zps38d93b54.jpg
 photo mozam66_zpsba9d3908.jpg
   photo mozam61_zps2fcbf6bf.jpg  photo mozam62_zpsc9444029.jpg

This picture looks superimposed. 

It's not.

 photo mozam136_zps052a0625.jpg

Drinks at the main pool bar, waiting for the sun to go down, chatting, laughing, playing backgammon, waiting for our waiter to take us to our table for dinner.

 photo mozam131_zpsa2528a9b.jpg
 photo mozam69_zpsfea6954d.jpg
{backgammon games}

 photo mozam132_zpsd38abbb0.jpg
 photo mozam139_zps95166050.jpg
The main poolside bar

 photo mozam142_zps8a66f3bf.jpg
 photo mozam130_zps98629357.jpg
 photo mozam48_zpsfc9234e0.jpg photo mozam44_zps82d7e865.jpg  photo mozam51_zpsf1fff7e0.jpg  photo mozam53_zps7853df1c.jpg  photo mozam57_zps37d6db3f.jpg      photo mozam54_zps15f3c09a.jpg
Obviously, when there is candlelight involved.

 photo mozam52_zps9bde3466.jpg
Amazing prawn and lime skewer starters - 

Below: me sampling a lime - 

 photo mozamgif4_zps3ccaa97b.gif

And, (my last gif, I promise), possibly Warren's favourite part of the entire honeymoon was when they brought around beer that was so cold - it had ice all over it -

 photo mozam68_zps813e17a1.jpg
He was so overjoyed at the prospect of such ICY COLD beer, that he made me take several pictures of it and touch the bottle numerous times  -

 photo mozamgif5_zps9dad6d8e.gif

* * * * * *

 photo mozam72_zpscf1a54f0.jpg photo mozam58_zps63ab8567.jpg
Was so sad to be back at the airport to say goodbye after such an incredible stay. 
Good sunshine, good food, good chilled time, good beach time, good chatting, good laughing, good drinking, good snorkeling, good walking

and the best company of all.

  photo mozam76_zps481439f1.jpg
(plane arriving on the runway to pick us up)

 photo mozam75_zps1fb63978.jpg  photo mozam74_zpsa58d2043.jpg
 photo mozam73_zps7c3e1f77.jpg photo mozam82_zpsaeaa560d.jpg    photo mozam78_zpsb1d19010.jpg  photo mozam80_zpsca74ae17.jpg  photo mozam77_zpsf9618d31.jpg

* * * * * *

Dear Warra

Thank you so much for the most incredible honeymoon ever. Not only was I spoilt with the most romantic and indulgent stay in a gorgeous African Game Lodge, but then you went and outdid yourself with a tropical beachy-paradise. I am so lucky to have found a man who treats me like an absolute princess, spoils me beyond what is necessary and loves me so much for everything I am and everything I am not.
Our honeymoon was so perfect not because of the stunning places you took me, the amazing things we saw, experienced and shared, but because of you and me.
I am so excited for all our adventures to come! Thank you for making me your wife.

 photo mozam148_zps776ac405.jpg

I love you with everything, forever x


Caley said...

Oh girl, I am so torn!! The bush was amazeballs and super romantic - the early mornings game drives, the elephant herds and lion roars, sundowners at the water hole watching the most magical African sunsets - definitely a WIN!! But the most isolated island, clear blue water, sunshine, sea and sand, cocktails and board games, tasty seafood and outside showers... Also a WIN!!
Definitely a 50/50 match!!

Johlet said...

Really! I just deleted my comment! Anyway, came across your blog thanks to Megan! Love it and completely in love with your photos, and jealous! But won't say that too loud! hehe. But wow what an amazing honeymoon you had! And congratulations! Hope you two grow extremely old together! :)