Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{Cartoon} Conversations with the Husband

Somewhere, at some concert (Rodriguez) after several drinks -

 photo wee1_zpsa5edc85c.jpg  photo wee2_zps4301811e.jpg  photo wee3_zpsec3957c3.jpg  photo wee4_zps571664f5.jpg  photo wee5_zpsd286ffac.jpg  photo wee6_zps8cce1bbc.jpg  photo wee7_zpsc1a76760.jpg  photo wee8_zpsaa0a591b.jpg  photo wee9_zps0cd1b20a.jpg  photo wee10_zps5dc1ca06.jpg  photo wee11_zps0c7cb92b.jpg  photo wee12_zps8c9359e1.jpg  photo wee13_zps40841213.jpg  photo wee14_zps00e5c3e5.jpg  photo wee15_zps249565a6.jpg  photo wee16_zps795c9422.jpg

It's a loltastic life when your husband is such a funny-pants.


GeeGee said...

:D Actually burst out laughing reading this, I dont know why girls need to go more but I love his response! Please tell me he then said oh ALL RIGHT and escorted you gentlemanishly to the portaloos/bush/tent

GeeGee said...

OH MY GOSH I've just realised you were at a Rodriguez concert! How was it? The Searching for Sugarman documentary is so beautifully shot, and the gigs he did afterwards looked awesome!

Che Kershaw said...

the concert was AMAZING!!! absolutely loved it! and was so impressed by the total mixed nationality crowd! was expecting only South Africans! - and yes - the man did escort me graciously to the loo - lols ;)

Johlet said...

whahaha this almost made me wee my pants I was laughing so much!