Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{an AWESOME engagement idea} The Letters

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Warren and I were engaged on the 6th April 2012 - thanks to his (very romantic) proposal (sigh). We planned our wedding for the 6th April 2013 - exactly one year after the date of our engagement. We decided to document the year of our engagement through love letters to each other. On the 6th of each month - we sat down and wrote a personal letter to one another - 

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We tried as much as possible to stick to the 6th of every month - but you know - sometimes life and other things get in the way. The majority of the letters were actually written on the 6th of each month - but whether or not we had time on that particular day - we always made sure to have a letter to the other written for that month. In the end we had written 12 letters each - signed and sealed.

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In the letters we included how we were feeling about the wedding, the planning, each other. Some letters were long, some were short. Some included personal jokes, random funny situations that had happened that month, something we love about the other or things that the other had done that we had appreciated. We didn't prescribe what had to be written each time - we just wrote from the heart. 

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Some letters were written while we were lying side by side and others were written while we were thousands of kilometres apart. Each letter was dated and kept in chronological order.

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We kept all the letters sealed in a big bundle and kept them to open while we were on honeymoon -

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It was amazing to go back over the entire year of our engagement starting right at the beginning - we could reminisce about everything we were feeling and all the things that we had gone through that year. We could laugh about all the funny things that had happened over the year and we could cry about all the important things that have been said and all the promises that have been made during the year of our engagement. (I probably did more of the crying than The Warr.)

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We read the letters throughout our honeymoon spacing them out - reading the next month when we felt like it - a quiet red-wine dinner in the bush lodge - perfect time for a love letter! Beachy lunch with cocktails and GnT's - whip out a love letter to read. Sometimes we read the letter that was addressed to us and sometimes we read the letter that we had written to the other.

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love notes // personal jokes // random musings // funny things // words of appreciation

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"you know, I have no idea what's in this letter - it could be something really bad."

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(love this pic of mr husband! with his sunnies (obvs) and the letter in the reflection)

It really is such an amazing thing to have all these letters from this special year. I'm going to be using them all in something else I am busy dreaming up - (so stay tuned!). It may not be everyone's cup of tea - but if you are engaged - suggest it to your fiancé - there is no way you can remember exactly what you wrote 6, 7, 8 months ago - so it is such an awesome surprise to re-live everything that was going on during the crazy-busy-incredible months of your engagement.

We still have one letter each left to read - the very last one before we were married.
I have no idea what I have written in mine - 

Maybe we'll save it for our 6 month anniversary
on the 6th ;)


FutureMrsOrpen said...

Gosh what a special idea! :) love this!

Natasha Clark said...

ARRRRGH It's toooo special! xx

Gaby Frescura said...

You guys. Adorableness.

Lucille said...

Oh! That is truly beautiful!

Keri le Roux said...

Perfect you two are :)

Keri Bainborough said...

Also can I have that blue hat? Thanks X

GeeGee said...

Wonderful idea :) We have an engagement book, but photos and notes rather than letters, this makes me think we can add to it, thank you :)

Che Kershaw said...

you can definitely add to it! its such an awesome idea!