Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A little Love Story...

A few weeks ago, my cousin's girlfriend sent me a message to ask if she could "hi-jack" indieBerries for the day because she had a special message to share with her boyfriend (my cousin). Of course I was happy for her to share her story and her cute cartoons! So without any more rambling from me... I'm handing over to Jess!

* * * * *

Our Story

In January 2011, a “love story” began…..
You know the kind that begins with a boy and a girl, they meet, fall in love….. all that jazz.
The setting was extremely romantic, classy.... ok let’s call it “unique”.  photo keatonjess_zpsdaa7e668.png
An event involving alcoholic beverages – the lube (get your minds out the gutter people!!!!) and tubing – a tube to be taken down a placid, calm, raging river.

So, you have the event.
Now meet the characters: 

 photo keatonjess5_zpsaeeed82d.png Myself – The Para Girl, I know, “flattering” nickname but I have to be honest. The Para Girl is a sissy, she was not keen on going down this river which she was told would be a “breeze”, she had her drinks, SPF 50 (Scottish skin and all) and was quite happy to just chill while everyone else went down the river. But, peer pressure (and an early start on the vodka), convinced her to go down the river. At this point, whilst waiting at the river bank to go down the river, she was greeted by The Jaffa Boy (aptly named by the fact that he had died his red hair black and it was now starting to grow out, so he inevitably looked like a jaffa cake).
   photo keatonjess2_zpsa86348f6.png
The Jaffa Boy and his cousins (Struan, Wade, Lloyd and Blake - {brother of indieBerries!}) were there in full force, having driven from Newcastle for the event and were donning the most fashionable, sexy, ummm.... well.... they were pink tee-sav’s (because, they’re "ok" with their masculinity).

She was introduced to Jaffa Boy and his cousins, by their mutual friends:
 photo keatonjess6_zps3a42a5fb.png
The Burna (who The Para Girl has known since university drinking social club) and the Farma (who the Jaffa Boy has known since he was a baby). On realizing that these farmer boys had been sensible enough to bring life jackets, The Para Girl very quickly asked if she could steal one for the day, as she was not about to take any chances and being the paranoid person that she was, it put her mind at ease a little. Going down the river, all was great, the river was full they were floating along happily, and every now and again a little jaffa cake head would pop up near The Para Girl’s tube to chat.

 photo Keatonjess3_zps97698157.png
Due to the fact that the river was so full, they arrived at the “end” point very quickly. It was at this point that the decision was made that everyone should float further down the river. On floating further down the river, this is where the "placid, calm river" turned into a raging river. They were due to disembark around a bend, however, everyone came round the bend and was washed into trees, the river was so strong their tubes were pulled out from underneath them (nail biting I know) and some of them were left stranded clinging to trees, including The Para Girl. It was at this point, The Para Girls “knight in shining armour” came to her rescue. The Jaffa Boy swam out, blocked the current and managed to help her ashore….. (I know.... now it’s romantic, right?!!!)
 photo keatonjess7_zps3cda04ee.png
So later that evening, at the party, their two mutual friends had a “bright spark idea”. Much to The Para Girl and The Jaffa Boys ignorance, their two friends had decided that it would be nice if their two friends could “be friends”. At this point The Burna and The Farma proceeded to weave their web of Matchmaking. The Burna approached The Para Girl to tell her how awesome The Jaffa Boy was and that he was really interested in her. The Farma told the Jaffa Boy a similar story. Sneaky Sneaky. (By the way, Para Girl and Jaffa Boy only figured this out months later on relaying the story of how they met).  photo keatonjess4_zpsd46284a4.png
So, with a bit of dutch courage, the Jaffa Boy and the Para Girl ended up getting together….. It was all great and dandy, the sparks flew, until he actually flew….. away….. the next day…… back to the UK……. Where he lived?!!!!! So, they kept in touch, via the wonderful tools of Facebook and Skype (thank goodness for technology!!!) Then completely out of character, it was decided that The Para Girl should go visit The Jaffa Boy (who was no longer a Jaffa). She flew out to the UK to visit him (AND HIS FAMILY – who, luckily for her, were amazing), he cried at the airport when she arrived (Don’t I just win the double romance points for him?!!!), she spent two weeks there and they realized they were head over heels in love…..
 photo keatonjess8_zps76425d87.png This, then prompted a Cross-Continent relationship! Indieberries, you know how much “fun” that is….. {Yes! I most definitely DO!!!!}. After 9 months of back and forth for Jaffa Boy, one of the times planning to arrive in SA a day early and surprising his very sick Para Girl by walking into her room (yes, I thought I was having a drug induced dream at the time!!!), he decided to move to SA to be with her (triple romance points). It’s been 3 years, there have been ups and downs, but in the end it has all been worth it!
 photo Keatonjess9_zps53f18201.png Happy Anniversary to my Jaffa Boy, I love you more than words can express, hopefully immortalizing our love story in your cousin’s blog, will give you an idea of just how much……
All My Love

 Your “Para Girl” 

Happy Anniversary you little love birds - hope the next three years are even better than the last!
PS - this pic of me on the loo in my wedding dress - courtesy of Jess! :)
thanks gurrrl x


vanessa said...

ah lovely. great cartoon skills too :)

Christine said...

Great job Jess! :)

Kate said...

What a lovely story! Brings back memories I was also at lube an tube in 2011 and the river was hectic!! People were literally scattered in the tree tops! It was terrifying! I also remember the boys in the pink shorts. What a fun day :)

Jessica Gilmour said...

Thanks girls :)