Tuesday, January 7, 2014


If you follow indieBerries you may know that I recently started a blog series titled indieBusiness Bites - with little nuggets of business/bloggy type info appearing every Tuesday - (you can search back in the series here.) I have decided to alternate this with a new series titled "Love Bites" - mainly because I have a lot of lovely things to share about our little husband/wife life and our little love nest and also to keep Tuesdays interesting for me!

So to sum up - every Tuesday on indieBerries you will either find a "Business Bites" post or a "Love Bites" post. Today is the latter!

 photo lovebite_zpsd0ce94ec.jpg

The other day, husband did something lovely for me. It was a few weeks ago, so I can't remember exactly what it was - it may have been that time I was feeling really down-in-the-dumps so had booked myself a facial only to realise that he had called ahead to pay for it. Or it could have been that time he brought home flowers for no reason. Or perhaps it was one of his motivational pep talks that he sometimes gives me about how awesome I am, that he thinks I'm not paying attention to, but I really really am. Anyway - I was headed out to book club that particular evening and felt a little overwhelmed with love so decided to write him a MASSIVE message which I left all over the lounge floor for him to find when he got home (bearing in mind, each one of these is at least an A4 sheet of paper):

 photo floormessage18_zps8a6ec067.jpg photo floormessage19_zpse0478dd5.jpg photo floormessage13_zps1accae0b.jpg


 photo floormessage20_zps8d68e6e3.jpg   photo floormessage14_zpsd8cd25fa.jpg  photo floormessage15_zps7374215a.jpg  photo floormessage16_zps31d6c9db.jpg  photo floormessage13_zps1accae0b.jpg  photo floormessage12_zpse9d1d649.jpg  photo floormessage11_zpse5afd57b.jpg   photo floormessage17_zps7212134a.jpg  photo floormessage9_zpsdbdf7928.jpg  photo floormessage10_zpsab0bb63b.jpg  photo floormessage8_zps8d1eafe7.jpg  photo floormessage11_zpse5afd57b.jpg  photo floormessage5_zpsd0fa4050.jpg  photo floormessage4_zpsf88da174.jpg  photo floormessage3_zps8972937e.jpg  photo floormessage2_zpse0497ae9.jpg  photo floormessage1_zps83d4e73a.jpg
 photo floormessage23_zpsdc92e5ed.jpg
 photo floormessage25_zpsdc6f1618.jpg
(yep - I moved out the table and chairs and everything)

It was well received.

PS. Dear Nature conservationists and hippies in general - this message was recycled so that NO trees were harmed in the making of this love note. Every single page has been repurposed into a handy clipboard style scrap book, which is next to my desk and used for mocking up client graphics/invitations/stationery etc that I'm working on and other random "telephone style" notes.

 photo floorfinished_zpsf1e9d811.jpg
(Retro "clipboards" = indieBerries good at recycling. Stain on thumb left over from NYE: indieBerries not so good at showering).

 photo floormessage21_zps2711f88c.jpg
So anything lovely that you've done to surprise your lovely lately?


waitingformeg said...

you two win at love!

Abby said...

So cute!

Wonderland Clothing said...

ok this is amazing

Pearl/Pretty Mayhem said...

This is so cute xx

Warrz said...

I love your love notes! In the fridge, next to our bed, on the WHOLE lounge floor :) <3

Che Kershaw said...

because i love YOU.

Kimara said...

I have recently send my fiancé a card/letter for each month until I arrive in Cape Town. He hasn't received it yet but I am pretty sure he will like it and be annoyed at the same time ;) I send it all at once with instructions of when he can open the next one - hehe evil and sweet all at once ;)

Che Kershaw said...

haha that's awesome! have a look at this blog post: http://indieberries.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/an-awesome-engagement-idea-letters.html :)

Che Kershaw said...

haha thank you! x

Kimara said...

That is fab! We are 9months away from our wedding so maybe a bit late ;) but I LOVE the idea!

Che Kershaw said...

can always start at 6 months and have half the year!

Kimara said...

So true. So worth it.