Monday, January 27, 2014

Deals and Such

 photo dinner1_zps4bb1ae5c.jpg photo dinner2_zps5fac967c.jpg photo dinner3_zpsaef85888.jpg photo dinner4_zps2eae503c.jpg photo dinner5_zps44ec957c.jpg photo dinner6_zpsf7c9b535.jpg photo dinner7_zpsba530d6c.jpg photo dinner8_zps2d6fd367.jpg photo dinner9_zpsa3bd746b.jpg photo dinner10_zps3df7037f.jpg

So Youngs Pubs are running this deal at the moment - and I think you should take them up on the offer.

Perhaps I will take the husband out -
and maybe I'll pay.

* * * * *

And No - this is not a sponsored post - but if any of the Wimbledon locals  wanted to give us some free wine -
that would be fine.


Gemma Roberts said...

Haha!! Poor hubby, maybe you should take him out for a drink... Your freebie wine of course ; )


Anie Inspired said...

Hahahah your drawings always make my week better! Love this one!

Nadia van der Mescht said...

Funny and entertaining as always. Nothing like a good pub meal for free means even better!