Monday, January 13, 2014

Our weekend SUCKED.

We bought a new vacuum cleaner.

If you're wondering - it's this one from Vax. How very grown-up-and-married of us, I know. We spent the better part of yesterday cleaning, moving things and organising our life-space to make it more zen like. You know, we are only three seasons too late for a bit of spring cleaning. Before I continue, I would like to add that The Warra got very into the vacuuming. Which is TOTALLY fine by me. I'm more "documenta" than "domestica" in any case.

I was busy colour-coding my washi tape  scrubbing something when I heard the husband yell from the lounge...
 photo vacuum1_zps67ce702c.jpg photo vacuum11_zps1ae778bb.jpg photo vacuum3_zpsdb6eb527.jpg photo vacuum4_zps702fecfd.jpg photo vacuum5_zps33707f65.jpg photo vacuum6_zps0e6b70af.jpg photo vacuum7_zps488a38eb.jpg
 photo vacuum8_zpsd2e54c2d.jpg
*grabs book from shelf* photo vacuum9_zps28cd563b.jpg
So we spent the afternoon wiping dusty books on the floor and giving ourselves more things to vacuum.

In a momentary mind-lapse, I bent down to pick up a rogue petal that had fallen off the fresh bouquet that husband had bought me a few days ago.
 photo vacuum10_zps1967a550.jpg
Me: GREAT IDEA!! Shall I put a few more petals down for you?
Warr: OOooh! Yeah! Go get some of your hair clips too!
Me: Cool!! *attacks flower bouquet to sprinkle on the floor, runs to bedroom*

When my mother messaged to find out what we were up to and I told her that Warren was vacuuming - she was appaulled and messaged him to say "GIVE THAT VACUUM CLEANER TO YOUR WIFE!" So, I took a video to prove that I actually DID help with the housework. Uh-huh, MOTHER. You can ignore the end comment, "Ok. that's enough" - I was only joking. Also - am totally still in my pyjamas in this vid. It was 1pm. Whatevs.

It was a very productive day yesterday and our living zone is so uberly awesomely zen-like right now. (Thanks Warr). If you are in the area - pop over for tea to have a look - we now serve our biscuits straight off the floor.

* * * * *
In other news - I feel like I suddenly have LOADS of things I want to share on indieBerries! But also ironically, I am SUPER busy right now with all kinds of behind-the scenes projects! Wedding stationery, wedding guestbooks, new website launch, new valentines cards range (more coming soon!), and a few other extra things that are currently on the go! I also blame Warren - because my "in the zone" working time is between 7 - 10pm... and that's exactly the time he gets home from work and he's just so much fun to hang out with that I can't help myself. lol. Sometimes though it's better for my soul to take a few hours break from work-overload, ya know?


GeeGee said...

Yay for attachments and we ALSO DO THE BOOK-DUST THING! the attachment is fun for the shelves too

Che Kershaw said...

hahahhaa - i shall pass on the good news to the husband!

Jo Crawford said...

We got a new hoover too!! One of those fancy hand held dyson things, I think we must have hoovered the whole house everyday for a week (including the curtains and the bed?), your pictures made me laugh so much. It was definitely the same in our house! x

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha HILAR! Vacuum ALLLLLL the things!!!

Sandrine C S Fecheyr-Lippens said...

No no no … you are not three seasons too late for spring cleaning, just one month early !! :) Positivity !!!