Thursday, January 23, 2014

A picture paints a thousand words...

I had something else in mind that I wanted to post today - but the honest truth is, I have so much other stuff I'm trying to get done - that I don't have the time to give it the justice that it deserves. (Side note: also in the process of sifting through foodie wedding snaps that I promised - it's quite a slow process trying to find pictures that I can use - anywhoo).

I wasn't even going to post anything today but, I was just trying to delete some crap off my computer - (because I have actually lost sight of my desktop which makes it very difficult to try and find the file I need to work on) - As I was moving some things off, I came across this photo and thought WOW! That picture has SO many little stories in it! So I thought I would just quickly share them with you - because, you know what they say... a picture paints a thousand words.

The Picture:
 photo IMG_7073_zpsfb81b1af.jpg
The Scene:
This shot was taken in my lounge when I was living in South Korea - teaching english. I was there for 3 and a half years - and it is still one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. (Actually one of my sponsors this month - Skype English Now - was founded by an American guy I met in Soko - he is still teaching english via skype classes - I think it's an awesome idea!)

The Pup:
This pup is "Chung-me" (which means "Rose" in Korean) - she belonged to two of my very good Canadian friends, Justin and Kristi - who had returned to Canada between their contracts and asked me to look after their little pup for a few months. It was the first time I had ever looked after a puppy by myself and it was honestly quite terrifying. I got over my fear after the first week and then we bonded. She's too cute!

The Art Cushion on the right
In South Korea, I lived and worked right opposite the most awesome little Art Village. It was so much fun to wander around all the galleries on the weekends - and was a great spot for lomo snapping! Another of my Canadian friends, Anige, bought me that art cushion from Heyri - the art village, because she said it reminded her of me! Gotta love those Canadians!

The Artwork
Lying on the coffee table is some of the artwork that I created for a bespoke recipe book that I was commissioned to make for a friend Vanessa. Her boyfriend secretly contacted me and asked me to cartoon some of their favourite recipes that he could put together in a book for her as an anniversary gift. It was such a fun project to work on! I will be sharing more of my portfolio stuff when my new website is up and running! Can't wait!

The red/pink Cushion on the left
I bought this cushion cover from a little indian restaurant in Seoul. Seoul introduced me to "real" Indian food and my tummy has been thankful ever since. I bought similar cushions for friends when I went traveling in Bali.

The blue scarf/blanket/throw
I wanted to make myself a scarf. Like a big chunky one - for the winter snow months. I actually really love knitting - but I am pretty crap at it. (If you follow my instagram account, you will know that I have recently tried to teach myself to "crochet". I have knitted myself a square and by "square" I mean triangle.) So anyway, I started knitting this scarf and then, I just couldn't stop.

Firstly because i was "gettin-into-mah-knittin-groove" and really enjoying it. But mainly because I didn't know how to. SO, I just kept going until I had this ginormous blue-blanket-thing and the wool ran out. Sometimes I wore it as a scarf (wrapped three times around my head and half way up to my eyeballs), and sometimes I used it as a blanket on my couch.

It was super multi-functional.

 photo blanketscarfcopy_zps242c431e.jpg

and extra warm.

And that's my two cents for today.


GeeGee said...

best of luck for the photos chuck - we were lucky to get prof ones, but I keep noticing that we didn't document so many things. Your job must be twice as hard (as well with the whole rage thang).

You keep being inspiring about the living-elsewhere idea too - Seoul is on a list of places to visit and living overseas in such a different culture is an experience worth sharing again and again :)

OnestilettoAtATime said...

Such an interesting post. Definitely do more of these!

xoxo Abby