about me


Che: (pronounced: Sh-ay). 

about me
born and raised in South Africa on sunshine and biltong. Got a socialising/drinking/party-animal degree at Rhodes university with a specialisation in Journalism and Graphic Design and a side helping of Drama. Partied hard, made the Deans list. 

Flew off on a whim to South Korea to teach english. Lived there for three and a bit years and sobbed when I had to say goodbye. fell in love with Asia. traveled loads - Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, The Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Greece etc... backpacked with a boyfriend, a brother and plenty of mates, made more international friends along the way. Slept on a few airport floors, encountered dodgy toilets of all kinds. Studied my Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Started indieBerries.

moved back to South Africa. got engaged to my long lost university love. Got married 6th April 2013. 

Che: -  draws cartoons, eats cereal from mugs. likes to run. silently grinds teeth at people who confuse you/you're/your and all other similar grammar errors that should have been dealt with in second grade. not too phased about uppercase letters. obsessed with paper goods, stationery and the internet in general. can't cook. scavenges for food. doodles a lot, keeps plenty of journalish-scrapbooks. hoards plenty of crap useful treasures. night-owl, frequently abuses alarm clock, again and again.


The Warr: - the partner in crime. Smokin'-hot South African fellow who loves biltong, rugby and Manchester United. Courted me in university by throwing cereal bars through my second story window. asked for my number three times. dedicated and determined (clearly). cracks funny jokes and has a very handsome side profile. Eats a crap-ton of tabasco. Would be fishing every day if he could. Holds doors open for girls. sends flowers. Wouldn't say no to tequila. Likes a bit of skrillex, dances well.

indieBerries: - a blog filled with quirky cartoons, DIY crafts, epic gift-wrapping, snaps of my life and travels, random lols and lots of papery-stationery things to lust over. 

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