Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pack your suitcases!

So our bags are packed and we are off to the Philippines! YAY for beaches and SUN!! some awesome vintage travel cases for you to feast your eyes on...

from sevenbc

feel like this would make an awesome coffee table... somehow...

very dear. from jessblissamber

love this print. i want it in a jacket. haha from Violet64

avocado. great colour. Luckylightning

another beautiful print... sigh... from VintageEyeFashion

aaaah. I. LOVE. THIS. thehaystackneedle

just cute. from handandtable


I'm off to the Philippines today after work! YAY ME! just about ready for a break from all the snow :) I have set some auto-scheduled posts... so i hope they go off while I'm away... if not.. well I'll see you next Wednesday... with no doubt, some epic stories ;)
yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini Mike

With all the snow we have been having and all the complaining talking I've done about this wonderful freezing snow, a Mr Mike, has requested a snowman. I thought it would be fitting to post this now since tomorrow I am leaving for the Philippines and will not have to deal with snow and frost bite for a while! LUCKY ME!
This is my mini Snowman, we shall call him Mini Mike. He is very fancy with his matching top hat and bow tie.
and then the wind came...
and blew his face off.
i laughed a lot.
which wasn't very nice of me.

PS. last chance today to send me your address if you want a postcard from Boracay :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Earthling

Today I wore my hand-felted ring made by the lovely HappyEarthling on Etsy.
HappyEarthling also makes lovely hand-felted brooches:
and beautiful felted and hand-stitched headbands...
 Here are the rings... (except mine is blue and white) :)
aaah... they are ALL lovely!!!

Check out the HappyEarthling Etsy Store 
it's lovely.

(ps. in a post that is only 48 words long, I used the word lovely 4 times. That means that 1/12 of this post is "lovely". which is ok, because it is.)

Fan art

I received this cute pic from Lola from the blog Dolls and Stuffs and thought i'd share :)
It's me!
look how cute i look with my big brown eyes and fancy pink dress! :)
Thanks Lola! :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Postcards from Anywhere

I love mail.
I love postcards.
(I love postsecret)
I love postcards from cool places.

I am going to the Philippines on Sunday.
(OLLEH!!!! YAY!)
If you would like a postcard from indieBerries...
Email me your name and address before the end of this Saturday
and I will send you a postcard from Boracay ;)

click frenzy

I will be honest.

When i am creeping around on the internet on any blog/website/twitter/facebook (etc) and i come across this:

being the click-happy, internet slut connoisseur that I am, I immediately get like this:

and then clicking frenzy begins... now for those of you who have never been on the internet before, one link takes you to another link and then that link takes you to another link and another link and so so so on and on and on until you end up on a site that sells fabric-lined, deodorized kitty litter boxes. 
and you don't own a cat.
in fact, you don't even like cats.

There are plenty of occasions however where you end up with this:

big-bright-bad-ass chest full of gems and secret treasures and a few pearls of wisdom thrown in for good measure. So anyway the other day I was creeping around on Cape Town Girl Blog. (see that right there? that's a link) and i came across THIS LINK. i will tell you. it is very pretty....

Here's a special treat!

let the click frenzy begin.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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excuse me, that was my mouth talking.
please ignore it.

(currently dealing with a massive mouth ulcer)

ps. that was really fun to type, felt like a real pro. try it.

Wrap it up

So Christmas is long over... but i thought i would share some of the gift-wrapping awesomeness that i received. just because it is all so beautiful...
postcards and pegs
handmade clay buttons, handcut paper snowflakes and yarn
a beautifully decorated box...
the bottom of the box: scraps and bits and bobs and papers and tapes... i love! i LOVE!
my "name!"... from a dictionary extract. how thoughtful :)
it's like pandora's box. but better.
and a gorgeous set of black fine-liners... 'one for almost every day of the week...'
oh i have LOVELY friends!
thank you *

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's in the cards...

Latest App love.... Photoshop Express. Simple photo editing. A few quick samples:

Monday, January 24, 2011

this time next week...

This time next Monday, I will be here:
YEAH! Boracay, the Philippines! olleh!! like this:
and Nicole is coming too! YIPPEE!!

i have set up some "auto-scheduled" posts - so we will see if while I'm enjoying my cocktails and massages on the beach, you can still enjoy some indieLove in the office...
(sucks to be me) ;)