Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{DIY} Makeshift Business Cards

 photo business10_zps4ae7c3cd.jpg

I was invited to a Blogger's Bingo Picnic in Hyde Park last night - (more on that to come). Now, as you may have read, I am in the process of moving indieBerries to it's own domain and re-branding/re-launching/opening shop etc etc etc. ( #EXCITEMENT) - as such, I have held off on printing 'proper' business cards until the new site is up and I'm happy with the look and feel of everything. However, one cannot attend a "blogger's meet up" without any form of calling-card, so I decided to quickly whack up a few very-quick-and-easy makeshift contact cards -

 photo business4_zps229c8075.jpg
I started by laying out all my NB details on an A4 page - I mocked this up in inDesign because I have da skillz and da program -  but it really is nothing fancy and I am pretty sure you can achieve something similar in Word or even powerpoint.

I printed out the A4 page into thick card and then cut out all of the business cards -

 photo business3_zps1e67f269.jpg  photo business5_zpsfa478a5a.jpg
I left a space on the information side of the card for me to hand write the "indieBerries" title - mainly because I wanted something handwritten to break up all the text and also to give it a hand-crafted feel. If you don't feel so comfortable handwriting your business cards, you could use alphabet stamps, stickers or print out the whole thing. For me, these are very temporary and fun-makeshift cards - so it really doesn't matter. Your business cards should also reflect your style of business - so if you are an independent crafter/artisan then the handwritten look would be perfect for you. If you do decide to write on them make sure you choose an ink that won't smudge and that the cards are fully dry before you attempt to letter them.

 photo business7_zps053e9fde.jpg
I then turned the business cards over and started washi-taping the back of them - covering the entire card in different coloured strips. It was loads of fun to do and very quick and easy.

 photo business8_zps5aba545c.jpg
What's nice about this method is that you can change the look from card to card if you want and you can build up a variety of different colours for clients/bloggers/people to choose from. I would suggest keeping each business card to a specific colour hue - but heck if you wanted to be crazy and smash in all the PURPLES/PINKS/BLUES/GREENS/BLACK/YELLOW/ORANGES into one card.... go right ahead!

 photo business6_zpsde80603b.jpg
I personally love this business card technique because it gives you an excuse to BUY ALL THE WASHI TAPE. Of course, you could always just marry Warren Dyer and let him give you the BEST. WEDDING. GIFT. EVERRRR.

Just kidding gurrrls, he's already married. 

 photo business11_zpsaaebceb6.jpg
 photo business1_zps7becd294.jpg photo business14_zps70f2bed5.jpg  photo business13_zps2df9a82e.jpg
You can also see my lovely nails - that's some Shellac from my last manicure that I've half scratched off. Should probably change my business cards to:

"definitely not a beauty blog"

 photo business12_zps35acfb01.jpg   photo business9_zps445dd4b9.jpg  photo business2_zps4bd08d8f.jpg

Any lovely ideas you've seen for business cards lately?

I love these whimsical business cards from Happiness is...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{DIY} The Sad Naked Notebook

 photo bookb38_zpscfc18d6d.jpg  photo bookb3_zps5b7d7948.jpg  photo bookb29_zpsee290f54.jpg  photo bookb18_zpseb558dfa.jpg


That's not a problem sad-and-naked-little-notebook! 
We'll dress you up in no time at all!

 photo bookb23_zps70ae783a.jpg

To dress up your sad-and-naked-little-notebooks you will need:
  • a notebook. (make sure it is a sad-and-naked one).
  • something that will form the "base" of your notebook cover. It could be photographs, magazine pages, scrapbook paper etc. I printed out some images off my "Blogcademy Inspired" Pinterest board. viva la turquoise!
  • anything that sparkles your fancy for notebook embellishments: It could be sequins, buttons, washi tape, feathers, fabric, tissue paper.
  • Mod Podge and a brush. (I opted for the matt Mod Podge, it could be glossy if you prefer).
 photo bookb25_zps654c78a9.jpg
 photo bookb21_zps7cec9633.jpg  photo bookb11_zpsffcfcb6a.jpg

Below are some of the images that I printed out from my "Blogcademy Inspired" Pinterest board -

 photo bookb2_zps27924a4b.jpg  photo bookb1_zps91467184.jpg
My printer however, has been a little moody-pre-menstrual of late and decided to tell me there is NO BLACK INK. After replacing the black ink and printing the pictures - it is very clear that the printer is out of YELLOW INK.

 photo bookb19_zps01aa8052.jpg

Nevermind, I just whipped out my coloured pencils and filled it in.
Whatevs. printer - you aren't getting the better of me.

 photo bookb24_zpsf553a649.jpg  photo bookb22_zps40555cdd.jpg

They came out fine for the purpose of this project -

 photo bookb7b_zps3b093f7e.jpg

Once you've cut out all your pictures/pages/scrapbook papers etc. Start laying them out on your notebook. I'm usually more of a "just do it as you go" kind of DIYer but it is a good idea to have some rough estimate of how many pics you will be able to fit onto the page -

 photo bookb12_zpsd161156c.jpg  photo bookb14_zps777d7178.jpg
When you are happy with your layout, start sticking down your images using Mod Podge - once you have stuck them all down, you can give the entire thing another coat of mod podge on top.

After you have let the "base" dry a little bit, you can start adding different embellishments using the mod podge -

 photo bookb4_zps191b69f1.jpg   photo bookb20_zps0200f7ad.jpg

I wanted my sad-and-naked-little-notebook to have different layers and textures so I glued on some frayed fabric, sequins, buttons and feathers.

 photo bookb15_zps761abf6d.jpg

"When in doubt, just add washi tape" - Ché Dyer ©

 photo bookbb_zpsbe1163fe.jpg
 photo bookb16_zpsfea15615.jpg photo bookb26_zpse633b4ff.jpg
 photo bookb17_zpse65fad41.jpg photo bookb30_zpse05f2f71.jpg
 photo bookb28_zps11aa9006.jpg
 photo bookb31_zps082cbf0e.jpg photo bookb32_zpsde0dd329.jpg  photo bookb33_zps46ac20a9.jpg  photo bookb34_zps7bb96c9f.jpg  photo bookb35_zps7f8a85f2.jpg
 photo blogcademyscholar1_zps1149fdab.jpg photo bookb36_zps6d18c0b7.jpg  photo bookb37_zps5fa942bf.jpg

I will escort my little notebook to the Blogcademy with pleasure
and promise to ask all the questions on his behalf.


Ché Dyer -
lover-of-stationery, notebooks and sparkly things.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Blogcademy.

 photo blogcademyscholar1_zps1149fdab.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar2_zpsa1359f6a.jpg

We've been married for almost four months now - but me moving to London 3 months ago has been the first time we've lived on the same continent in more than 6 years.
And before that,

We weren't even dating.


It's a long story.

I digress.

 photo blogacedmyscholar3_zps720516e9.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar3_zpsc4055bf0.jpg

poor me.

Spending South African Rands whilst trying
to buy things in London Pounds is no joke.

 photo blogcademy4_zpsd3493441.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar4_zpsd123dd2b.jpg

YAY! For online store!!

A brand new online shop - 

 photo blogcademyscholar8_zps5b5b8166.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar5_zpsdab35f3d.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar6_zpsd08425b8.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar9_zps652fb938.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar7_zps3225fe60.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar11_zpse516c65a.jpg

"things" including.... date books || illustrated recipe books || wedding guestbooks || 'trash-books' || cards ||  DIY kits || design work || web design || children's books || personalised cartoons etc etc etc.

 photo blogcademyscholar10_zpsc59ec912.jpg

I want to do ALL the things.
(which is clearly not possible - *needs direction*)

 photo blogcademyscholar12_zps5a9b43c5.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar14_zpsf61efd87.jpg  photo blogcademyscholar16_zps79e8a61d.jpg

so... if you can't grant me the scholarship for me
(which I think you should)

Then do it for my husband.


 photo blogcademy20_zps906b35d6.jpg

But really,

 I do believe that I am an excellent candidate for The Blogcademy scholarship because:

  1. I have a lot of creative ideas {too many, not enough hours in the day - they need to be streamlined/focused/directed (?!)} and I don't really know what to do with them, how to market them/execute them and/or how to take them to the next level. I need help with actualising my creativity into a viable career.
  2. I'm in the process of building a new website and online store (YAY SELF!) - and I would love some expert branding/guidance/advice with the launch of that new venture. The Blogcademy is the perfect platform in every sense.
  3. I have been approached several times by (South African) google-ad type advertisers asking to host flashing banners on my blog. Every time I have ninja-chopped-them-in-the-face said, "NO", because I don't want to be a sell-out. But... am starting to think maybe it is time I start generating some income from my blog? how?
  4. I would absolutely love to be part of such an exciting, interactive and dynamic experience - not only meeting a group of 30 like-minded UK bloggers, but having three of the most internationally successful bloggers in the industry to answer my hundreds of technical/practical/creative and business questions, is more than I would ever be able to get from reading any website/forum or book (and I've read plenty).
  5.  I would love to soak up all the stories, experiences, advice and be inspired by three of the most prolific bloggers in the industry. And also - possibly stroke Kat's pink hair {in a non-creepy way}.
But above all -
 photo blogcademyscholar17_zps93a7d733.jpg   photo blogcademy615_zps719e823d.gif  photo blogcademyscholar19_zpsf79f21b2.jpg

PS. I have decided that I am going to SPAM the Blogcademy headmistresses with my scholarship entry campaign - they will be so annoyed with me that they will accept my scholarship application just to make me stop. I realise this is a rather risky strategy and has the potential to make me look both needy and desperate. My response to this is:

I am.

So lovely indieBerries readers and fans (hi mom),
- go forth on your twitters and tell @theblogcademy just how much you think
@indieberries needs to be part of their possé.