Thursday, July 11, 2013

{Review} Petition to Magic

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A little while ago Mr Graham Downs sent me his newly penned book A Petition to Magic to review. I'm all about the Harry Potter - so was keen to see what this magic-book was all about: It begins with the death of The Queen which is somehow strangely connected with Wizard Solon who for some reason can no longer perform magic.

The Queen's daughter and successor to the throne comes into power and is tested when there is a dispute in the village amongst two farmers regarding a cow. The new Queen calls upon Wizard Solon to divine the truth in the matter and Solon is forced to choose between revealing his connection to the death of the former Queen or potentially letting an innocent man be wrongly convicted....

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I enjoyed this read and it's a nice quick one for if you are on the train to work or have a few minutes before bed- am pretty sure you will finish it in one sitting! It also has a good little moral kicker at the end :) You can order an eBook version from AmazonSmashwords, Booktango and Scribd.

Yours in magic.

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