Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

On Friday night when i got back from gym, I developed a severe neck pain. i took a break from gym yesterday but it still is pretty painful today and kind of makes me creak my neck out like a dyslexic meerkat. Anyway this new horrid condition plus the (obnoxious) halloween costumes that we have been made to wear the entire month have resulted in this:

a perfect little halloween treat.
im glad that worked out so well.

trick or treat

7 things

7 things I've learnt this week:
  1. Trying to re-enact a university story is probably not a good idea and will probably get you kicked out of a bar.
  2. Being super consistent with going to the gym will make you feel awesome.
  3. In any creative field, there is no such thing as "qualified-professional". You have a style and it is always changing, evolving and improving as you do. Even the most experienced "professionals" are always learning.
  4. It is possible to convert digital images to lomography style images using photoshop. but it is a gross form of cheating. and definitely not as much fun :)
  5. Narrow-minded people are just. narrow. minded.
  6. Birthday present shopping is completely fun if you know what you want to get. and completely stressful if you don't.
  7. There are only 55 days to Christmas!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm a cheater.

I know it's cheating... but I've been playing around with lomography-style/cross processing effects photoshop tutorials so that you can "turn" your digital pics into lomo-esque pics
this was just my first quick/rough attempt - will show more when I have tweaked a few things and done a few more pics :) hope everyone is having a great weekend...

from africa, with love

just a little label thing i made for some gifts from africa for my friends...
(ps if some of these niknaks were for you and you haven't received them yet... they are probably gone.)

If you have some 'african-gifts' to give away or if you just want to be fancy and you need a set of these labels - just send me a mail and I'm happy to share the love :)
 happy africa :)


I just wanted to say - anyone who thought I had forgotten about this:

(unfortunately for your ears) I have not forgotten about this... 
I am just busy working on my own lyrics. (yeah, that's right)
it's a little gratitude song about the blog awards, so far  Mumz, Cape Town Girl, the PharSide, 2Oceansvibe, Bangers and Nash and The One and Only have all gotten a mention.
I hope to record my singing-sensation sometime this week. I do truly pity your ears. I am sorry.

put your scarves on...

it's getting colder... eep
found via weheartit

Friday, October 29, 2010

Etsy Love

YAY!! look what came in the post for me today all the way from Thailand!
Beautiful handmade leather iphone case from RNTN on Etsy. It is so lovely and it came so beautifully packaged - It even had a little "C" Leather circle key chain... 
Thank you Kristi for the perfect birthday gift!
(Now I just have to wait for the iphone...please come SOON!)

This store has beautiful leather accessories, cases, covers and things - go check it out :)

Blueberry Hill

I received a lovely email from the owner of Blueberry Hill a coffee shop nestled in Nottingham Road, Kwa Zulu Natal, congratulating me on the Blog Awards and telling me that since I love all things berry I should probably pay a visit to his Blueberry Hill Coffee shop the next time I'm in town.
I had a look at the website and it looks LOVELY... (just take a look here!)
The coffee shop also acts as a gallery space for local artists and craftsmen and the views are quite something.

AND, they grow their own blueberries.

Tea anyone?

love Friday

A fabulous picture for a fantastic Friday:
This pic was taken by my lovely friend Sarah-Faye on her recent trip to Thailand. 
(I added the fly away bit - don't worry that wasn't magically in the sky)
Isn't it lovely?
* happy Friday

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Milk War continues...

A while ago I blogged about The Milk Wars. Steri Stumpie has just emailed me about "Revolutionizing the World of Flavoured Milk"

All Steri Stumpie Fans are invited to attend the Launch of the Official 'Steri Stumpie 10' taking place at the Labia Theatre - Cape Town, on 2nd November at 17:30.

I just have this to say:

Click on to the Facebook Group if you are keen to attend :)


I have been googling wedding photography lately (don't ask) and came across this - I thought it was lovely: an engagement shoot done in Singapore inspired by the animated movie UP...

Done by Oh, Dear Photography. Read the full story and check out the photo-spread here

I've developed a new skill

(as seen in this post)

So here is my fantastic new skill in action:
(note little creep fingers)


Definitely try this at home.

The Honey Trees

had to put this up cause i absolutely love the music video :)
The Honey Trees - To Be with You
I climbed this hill watching so still
I took to the fears of all I held dear
But up on this height, a majestic sight
Flooded the skies
And how I could feel you near
Oh I could sail the world

Search through the darkest waters but
I'd never find
These golden eyes

I held the starts to light where you are
When your unfeigned heart called to me through the dark
Soaked in the sound that rose from the ground
There I could feel
I felt, I felt you near

Oh I could sail the world
Search through the darkest waters but
I'd never find
These golden eyes

Oh I'd wait for the seas to part
To be with you
Oh I could sail the world
Search through the darkest waters
Oh I could sail the world 
Search through the darkest waters but
I'd never find
These golden eyes

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grand West Genie

So the old news is that i flew back to South Africa a while ago (for one week only) to attend the SA Blog awards but here's the new news: While in Cape Town we checked out the Sun International Grand West Casino...
very lovely.
this is what we found inside the casino:

(Jeff Dunham - super awesome ventriloquist)

* i love it when the gambling machine spits out pink hearts at me! *
(you are about to witness the addicting nature of gambling.)

haha. gambling is fun. haha. (especially when the machines talk to you like this one)
it was at this point we decided to go back to the Jeff Dunham Ticket counter to see if anyone had shown up...
we've been waiting so LONG! :(

...more waiting....
(che is only in cape town for one weekend and this whole waiting thing is some serious wine-farm-tasting-time sacrifice.)


(said in non-creepy way)

(in a non-creepy way)

a huge massive thanks to the Sun International Genie (Gavin Taylor) for the complimentary tickets. The show was incredible. Jeff Dunham is HI-LAR-I-OUS.

Watch Jeff Dunham here and here do it. do it now.