story of us


A neat little re-cap of the story of us... it seems that there are a lot of girls who like to show our engagement post to their significant know, just for... "inspiration"
Here it is -

The story of How We Met

The story of What Happened Next

The story of some of our Travels to Thailand

The story of How He Proposed

The story of the Weekend of our Engagement
(The Proposal - part two)

How to be the most AWESOME bride evarrrr.

The Sad (SAD) story of our Wedding Photos.

Honeymoon Part 1: in a luxury African Bush Lodge.

Honeymoon Part 2: A private Mozambique Island

How I made husband propose to me AGAIN, on honeymoon.

(the bets I lost on honeymoon)

The first night in our new home together as Husband and Wife

Other funny "first home" experiences

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Unknown said...

Great great stories and pictures! I am so happy for you. Congratulations on your engagement, wedding and all the happy events about you&your love!

Claire Enyoung Cho from South Korea
...'Why didn't I know Che is such a creative and lovely lady?!' :)