Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Wedding} An Awesome Kitchen Tea Game

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My bridesmaids organised some awesome games at my amazing kitchen tea - for one of the games they had gotten hold of Warr's housemate Shelly and asked her to ask him some questions in a one-shot interview. At the Kitchen Tea they then asked me the same questions that they had asked Warr to see how well I knew him and how many of the questions I got right - 

If you would like to get a proper feel for how this game was run I would suggest reading the Question below and the answer that I gave and then clicking play to hear Warren's answer. Once he's given his answer hit pause and then go and read the next question below and my corresponding answer -
It's a pity that no-one filmed my responses because when I got them wrong, I got them wrong - but when I got them right - they were exactly right. You'll see what I mean...

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Question 1
What was Warren's childhood nickname?

My answer: Mmm... I'm not sure... something Zulu or African from when they lived up in Oaklands?


Question 2
If you (Warren) could have any job in the world, what would it be?

My Answer: Warren's ultimate job would be flying a helicopter for chartered fishing trips.

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Question 3
What colour are Ché's eyes?

My Answer: Blue! hahahaha... no, they are really like a greenish/brown.


Question 4
Where did you go on your first date?

My Answer: To the Rat and Parrot in Grahamstown - we had pizza and Warren stood under the airconditioner because he was overheating.


Question 5
What will the names of your first son and daughter be?

My Answer: Mmm... I'm not sure... I've always liked more obscure names. I liked the name Kenton for a girl a while ago... and also Brett(e)... for a girl... I haven't thought as much about boys names...


Question 6
Who will spoil the children?

My Answer: Me. Totally.


Question 7
Who will be the disciplinarian?

My Answer: {I couldn't really answer this question because of the way Warren answered the one before - But I would say Warren will be the disciplinarian.... Actually, I think we will both be strict parents.}


Question 8
What time does your wedding start?

My Answer: 2pm.

* good answer Warren *


Question 9
What do you and Ché fight about?

My Answer: Um... I'm not really sure. We don't really fight about much.... mmm... maybe exes? Not really though...um... I don't know.


Question 10
What's your favourite body part on Ché?

My Answer: My bum.

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Question 11
What's your favourite meal that Ché has made you?

My Answer: HAHAHAHA, I don't cook. Jokes... I make cereal and popcorn- does that count?... Ok... wait... there was this one dish that I tried to make - it was supposed to be like a thai curry thing, but it ended up being more of a butternut soup.


Question 12
What famous person do you think you (Warren) most resemble?

My Answer: Mmm... that's tough! um... maybe Robbie Williams?... Or one of the guitarists from Red Hot Chili Peppers?.... Ok, I'm going with Robbie Williams.


Question 13
Which one of your friends is Ché's favourite?

My Answer: Ooh... I'm going to go with Stone. No, maybe actually Bloggs. No, ok, final answer - Quinton Stone.


Question 14
What famous person do you think you Ché most resembles?

My Answer: I have no idea! Um.. maybe Kate Bosworth?


Question 15
What is your pet name for Ché?

My Answer: mmm... um.... we don't really have pet names. Um... he calls me gorgeous?

 photo kitchen42_zps95460faf.jpg

Question 16
What is Ché's pet name for you?

My Answer: ya.. we don't really have pet names... I guess maybe Warra? or Warrie?


Question 17
What is yours and Ché's song?

My Answer: Hmmm... our song.... Well... we have our wedding song... but that's not really our song song....

* as soon as he answered I was like - oh yeah. that's TOTALLY our song, 
why didn't i think of that! haha *

Question 18
What is the best gift you think you've ever bought Ché?

My Answer: An engagement ring! Haha jokes. Well, when I was still living in South Korea he sent me a package for my birthday which had a Postsecret book in it. In the Postsecret book he had written a postcard with one of his own secrets and put it inside the pages. It was very special and meaningful to me.

* and yes he is correct - I LOVE my wedding gift! More on that to come!*

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* * * * *

It was such an awesome and fun game to play! I really loved it! Thank you to the bridesmaids for organising it all and to Shelly for filming it (and keeping it, knowing that I would hunt her down for the video clip haha).

And Thanks to Warr for getting most of the answers right.

Monday, April 29, 2013

{Wedding} Amazing Bridal Shower

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Today's blog post isn't technically anything from our actual wedding day, but I'm so excited to share some snaps and memories from my Uuh-mazing kitchen tea with you -

Saturday, the week before the wedding, my mom came to my room and handed me a post card that had been delivered to the house from my beautiful Maid of Honour, Kerry, a few days earlier. The instructions on the postcard were to wear a pink frock and to pack a bag.

 photo kitchen45_zps123071eb.jpg

Kerry is the owner of a gorgeous boutique bookstore - The Book Boutique, in Amanzimtoti and the Kitchen Tea was held in the garden and cafe area of her store. I was completely blown away by all the amazing decor and attention to detail and so touched that bridesmaids and friends had flown across the country to celebrate with me. This wedding business: it's all very overwhelming.

 photo kitchen10_zps740cf24b.jpg

Kerry and the bridesmaids had picked the most perfect theme for the Kitchen Tea of indieBerries - a Cartoon Bridal Shower - with just about everything strawberry flavoured! As soon as I arrived I was given a bright pink strawberry apron and a pink head-piece -

 photo kitchen3_zps540f264c.jpg
 photo kitchen33_zps9140bc55.jpg

As an addition to the awesome pink apron, they had included a separate "stationery pouch" for the stationery-obsessed-crazy-person that I am. In the Stationery Pouch was a strawberry pen, some glue, pencils and pencil crayons and a roll or two of washi tape. These girls. lol. They know me :)

 photo kitchen14_zpsf1ae06d9.jpg
Left to Right: Jaclyn the bridesmaid-of-überness, Me (Mrs Dyer-the-bride), Kerry - le-fashionista-Maid-of-Honour and Nicole the bridesmaid-minister-of-schedules-and-organisation.

"No Ché-silly-blonde-bride! You are wearing your headpiece the wrong way!"

 photo kitchen15_zpsb128a2a7.jpg

"Oh NO! I didn't know about the head-piece-dress-code! 
Luckily I have you bridesmaidens to tell me when my head-feature is not conforming!"

 photo kitchen6_zps43058d6d.jpg

And all of us with le mom - she didn't get the head-feature memo either.
They let it slide.

 photo kitchen31_zpscd31f49d.jpg 

After I had arrived to the big surprise, the guests began writing their tips and advice for marriage on the big chalk board in The Book Boutique Gardens.

 photo kitchen26_zps4e40bdb6.jpg

"Laugh, love and always embrace your Disney Princess" - my 8 year old cousin.

 photo kitchen35_zps18588145.jpg  photo kitchen30_zps75777f19.jpg photo cartoon3_zps5cdbe87b.jpg 
 photo kitchen37_zpsbd815757.jpg

The decor and food were completely incredible! (If you ever do make a trip to Amanzimtoti - stop off at  The Book Boutique and eat ALL the cakes and pastries. That's an order). They also do Saturday morning story-time for kids and often have live music in the garden in the afternoons. The Book Boutique is also connected to Kerry's boutique clothing store - Festival - which stocks South African Designers as well as some exclusive imported brands. Awesome.

 photo kit2_zpsa0c4a642.jpg  photo kitchen22_zpsf1699dc5.jpg  photo kitchen18_zpsacfa845c.jpg  photo kitchen19_zps28cda58c.jpg
Origami Strawberries on the table.

 photo kitchen32_zpsa8c4ed72.jpg  photo kitchen4_zps33cd1e7e.jpg

A strawberry yogurt cake.

With a yogurt tang.

You will cut yourself a sliver of a piece - because you feel guilty.
Then you will eat the rest of that piece - because you can't help it.
Then you will eat another piece - because you must.

 photo kitchen17_zps581098db.jpg  photo kitchen11_zps61ad1f2d.jpg

Strawberry & Berry Punch * Meringues * Macarons 

 photo kitchen12_zps8f8bc028.jpg

Strawberry Swirl Lollipops * Candy Sweets * Champagne

 photo kitchen7_zps8a8f28b2.jpg

 photo kitchen16_zps061276c8.jpg
Lemon Meringue Tarts

 photo kitchen13_zps36a29f3b.jpg

Strawberries stuffed with cream cheese frosting.



Have you ever?!

 photo kitchen34_zps55483d1e.jpg  

And if all that sweetness is too much for you to handle (too much to handle? what does that even mean?) a delicious savoury plate of strawberry and balsamic redution with rocket and blue cheese on a toasted baguette. 

 photo kitchen9_zps0f57aa98.jpg

The placemat for each person was taken from a fun kids drawing instructional book - each guest had to follow the instructions on their placemat and complete the cartoon-pictures. There were some crayons, pencils and pens on the table and of course, I already had my secret stationery pouch - complete with strawberry pen -

 photo kitchen23_zps8a887b8e.jpg
 photo kitchen20_zpsf64ea208.jpg

Aunts, cousins, friends, family hard at work completing their cartoon masterpieces. Maid of honour has indeed thought of everything and we are having these pages laminated to use as placemats for our one-day children. SO cute. And what an awesome reminder of my kitchen tea shared with so many special people.

 photo kitchen21_zpsa58f2e11.jpg  photo kitchen25_zps641bffa4.jpg

One of the "cartoon-themed" games was bridal pictionary which we played on one of the blackboards - loads of fun and laughs - especially my mother trying to draw...

 photo kitchen36_zps364fe854.jpg

.... no, I still have no idea what she's trying to draw.

But it's something bridal related for sure.

 photo cartoon2_zps172938d5.jpg

As part of the cartoon theme the guests were asked to bring a gift wrapped up and to have a cartoon drawn on the outside of the gift. I then had to look at the cartoon (which was hopefully a story or memory we have shared) and try to guess the person who had given it to me. One of my gifts from Ker even had cartoons on it! haha

 photo cartoon_zpsb0a0e1c3.jpg  photo kitchen8_zps1489ae48.jpg
Cousins secretly adding something to their cartoon picture.

  photo kitchen2_zpsb44891c2.jpg
An electric egg boiler from my bridesmaid Nicole! haha - she was around for the Egg-in-the-Microwave incident. It wasn't pretty. I guess she is trying to save Warren from hours of cleaning up the kitchen. That was very thoughtful of her.

I love it!

 photo kitchen1_zps6083faa0.jpg photo kitchen44_zps5d9e7980.jpg  photo kit5_zps3f0fa110.jpg
Tinned Soup: For you, when it's your turn to cook.
Panado: For Warren, when you say 'Not tonight, I have a headache!"


I was completely spoilt with amazing gifts: hand-creams, travel bags for honeymoon, bikinis, body lotions, earrings, gift vouchers, pampering products and plenty of very sexy underwear. But you don't want to see pictures of my underwear.

Oh you do? 
Oh, ok - wait for the Bachelorette Blog Post - because I basically went out naked.

 photo kitchen24_zpsc56c0b85.jpg  photo kit4_zps6ab3de22.jpg  photo kitchen5_zps4c405c10.jpg 
One of the most incredible gifts was made for me by my Maid of Honour - which we are all ogling over in this picture - but you'll have to wait till Friday to find out what it is...

 photo kit1_zpsd7aaead5.jpg


Dear Kerry,

Wow, where to begin? When I chose you as my Maid of Honour, I chose you because of how much your friendship means to me. Because of your unwavering loyalty and love as a friend and the laughter, love and tears we've shared over the years. It was just a bonus that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that you would be an amazing Maid of Honour - but you really went above and beyond even what I could possibly have been expecting and I am so extremely grateful. You have brought me to tears in so many moments on this incredible wedding journey - Thanks a lot.

To the bridesmaids who helped make this day so special -
A huge massive thank you for your help and hard work (and for being Kerry's slaves)! To my mom, the biggest thanks of all, for everything. To Jacs, Colie and Lisa - thank you for traveling so far to celebrate with me - it really means so much to me! To my aunts Michelle and Lynette and my cousins - thank you for spoiling me and being so much a part of my life. To Tersia and Stace, thank you for all your hard work and for lending a hand to Kerry. To my Godmother, Shelley and friend Camilla - thank you for your love over all these years. To Keri thank you for missioning down and being part of the celebrations- it wouldn't have been the same without you! To Karen and Lee thank you for sharing in this special time with me.

Formal Thank You cards are in the process of creation.


If you make a trip to the gorgeous Book Boutique (and I highly recommend it), give Kerry a high five and a hug from me - and the cake.

Eat the cake.

* blog posts to follow: An Awesome Kitchen Tea Game and That gorgeous thing we are all ogling.