Thursday, April 4, 2013

{Guest Blogger} This Red Lipstick

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The guest blog post for today is something completely amazeballllls! And let me tell you - I do not use this word lightly. The blog post today comes from Jerusha - the uber talented blogger behind This Red Lipstick. This Red Lipstick has been featured in Fairlady's Bloggirl Guide - (and look at that pretty face!)
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{I'm not sure if you can read this text above but i also love the idea of mis-matched tea-cups}

There are a few reasons why you should be following This Red Lipstick

1. Jerusha is super crafty - on a self-proclaimed "homesick" day - she ended up crafting the most gorgeous mosaic of Joburg skyline -
 photo IMG01288-20120813-2134_zps52888c5c.jpg
Ok, I'm no expert - but HOT DAMN - you should be selling these.
She also transformed her tired old coffee table into something super awesome - 
 photo after_zpsfea3bcb2.jpg
You can read her DIY post here.
2. She writes awesome (and hilarious) little poems and limericks.
3. And occasionally she draws epic cartoons about her life too.

Today as a special indieBerries submission - she has drawn me my very own cartoon! I'm so excited to share it with you - 


 photo 1_zps862f0953.jpg

Hey, Che! Remember that time you won ALL THE AWARDS and became...

 photo 2_zps3e918337.jpg

And then we did the country’s (world’s? Yes, let’s go with WORLD’S) very first cartoon-to-cartoon interview?

 photo 3_zpseca5e4db.jpg

Here’s wishing you and Warren a lifetime of love, happiness and a bazillion IndieBabies.

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Thank you SO much Jerusha for your awesome cartoon and kind wishes.
I'm going to donate one of our bazillion indieBabies to you!

You're welcome.

PS - Since sending me this cartoon - Jerusha has herself gotten engaged! woohoo for love!!! Head over to her blog to read her engagement story and give her some big congratulations!
You can also wish her a huge congrats on twitter @jerusha_s


Lucille said...

Aaah! Jerusha made a post! She is the reason I read your blog Che - She sent me on over here! Love you both to bits! Good Luck for Saturday - Which incidentally is my anniversary! So I know it's an excellent day to get married!

Che Kershaw said...

ah yay!!! i LOVE jerusha's work!!! and YES!!! 6 APRIL is THE. DAY!!!!! we had SUCH an amazing day!!! so many CAPS LOCK and EXCLAMATIONS in this reply!!! but THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO SHOW THE JOY!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

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