Monday, December 30, 2013

2014: Expectation Anxiety.

I have been feeling anxious lately.
 photo anxious1_zps490b0e7b.jpg
The kind of nail biting, stomach churning anxiety that makes you want to eat everything. (Disclaimer: extra kilograms may also be attributed to "season FEASTivities"). 

As the year draws to an end- we all start getting a bit reminiscent by thinking back over the year that has passed and looking forward to the year that is to come - (fresh start and all that). The more and more I think back over 2013 - the more anxious I become.

Because here's the thing:

I think we've peaked.
 photo anxious3_zps595c680b.jpg
Peaked too early - 
like a fresh-outta-high-schooler at their first university party 
with ALL the booze, 
passed out by 5pm.

The truth is,

there is absolutely nothing - apart from; winning the lotto, marrying Warren (again) or an entire album of our missing wedding photos miraculously appearing on our doorstep - that could ever top the year that I have had.

And, when you've had the best year of your life - well, by common mathematic & logic principles - nothing will ever beat it - so REALLY, there is nothing left to look forward to in this bleak and dismal world (kidding)
 photo anxious2_zpsdf7b4822.jpg

At the risk of sounding cheesy (and there is honestly no other way to say it) 2013 has truly been the best year of my life. A year of marriage, a year of learning, loving, growing together and the start of building our future as husband and wife. I have absolutely loved adored/hearted/cherished/treasured/prized/appreciated every single moment from this year. (and I actually thesaurused the crap outta that - because I didn't know how else to say it).

In reminiscent fashion, I thought I would highlight some of my most loved moments of 2013
(Note: the "bestness" of this year has had everything to do with Warren - everything else on this list was lovely, but quite secondary)
  1. Married my hero and had the most spectacular wedding and the best day EVAARRRR.
  2. Celebrated Warren's 30th in London with a table tennis tournament at the bar Bounce
  3. Our Honeymoon (part 1) at the most luxurious game lodge - everything about this was incredible.
  4. Honeymoon (part 2) at a private island off the coast of Mozambique - AMAZING... and hot dayymn husband is a feast for the eyes with a tan on his-self! (yeah, click that link)
  5. Moved to London to be with my new husband!
  6. Got a brand new passport and name - "Hello Mrs Dyer!"
  7. Saw Mumford and Sons (and Ben Howard & Bears den && Edward Sharpe) on our three months-married anniversary.
  8. Did the Colour Run & The Colour Festival - fun!
  9. Moving into our first "husband & wife" house.
  10. Balcony braais, walks in the common and enjoying general "house" things together.
  11. Loved London Summer, late sunny nights and all the festivities!
  12. Attended The Blogcademy and met some awesome people.
  13. Creating our very own "Sunday Tradition" - more on that another time :)
  14. Watched cricket at The Oval
  15. Launched The Photo Hunt.
  16. Was introduced to Yoga by Lulu
  17. Opened up indieBerries to sponsorship.
  18. Did my very first market for indieBerries cards and stationery.
  19. Re-launched my Etsy Shop
  20. Had the brother come over to visit on holiday.
  21. Have loved the Festive season in London - Winter Wonderland, mulled wine, Oxford Street lights.
  22. Celebrated our very first Christmas together. (Not only our very first Christmas together as husband and wife, but our very first Christmas together, ever. ie: we have never actually ever been "dating" over Christmas. ie: In our 6 years since meeting, we have never actually dated a whole year before now. Weird, right?)
 photo anxious4_zps200a31f3.jpg

Me to Warren:
What was your favourite moment of this year?
Warren: I will.
Me: What? We haven't written wills.
Warren: No, "I will"

that would be our equivalent of "I do"
 photo anxious5_zps75d462a6.jpg
And apart from all those big moments of this year, I think the "little moments" have been just, if not more, lovable - like walking into the bathroom every night, to see that Warren has already put toothpaste on my toothbrush or spending lazy rainy days curled up on the couch with good movies, blankets, hot chocolate (wine) and each other.
 photo anxious7_zps14c29177.jpg

Me: How on earth are we going to TOP this year?
Warr: ... easy!
Me: ...well.... I DID dream I was pregnant...
Warr: Well, we will NOT be topping it that way.

 photo anxious6_zpsd002dafd.jpg
{For those of you know how about our wedding photo TRAGEDY (that was the one crappy moment of 2013), we have finally (after almost 10 months), been able to view our wedding video in our house - the above pic is a photo of our TV screen - am hoping to scrape together an album out of our wedding video, by taking photos of the TV - lol. would love to share some on indieBerries - even though it's approximately a year late - but love never goes out of style!}

* * * * * *

Warren has taken it on as his personal challenge 
to make the next year even better than the last - 

2014 - 
We're ready for you!

PS - In case you haven't seen it on twitter or instagram - I made a little video of all our moments of 2103 - you can see it here.

Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY The best Christmas Tree in ALL the lands!

  photo washiChristmas1_zpsade4a20b.jpg
Do we have the most aweome Christmas Tree in all the world?
Why Yes! I think we do.

Now, to be fair, I cannot claim all responsibility for this genuis idea,  it was the brother, who is currently visiting us in London, who looked at our brand new bare tree and said, "You have so many 'craft-supplies' lying around here - you must be able to quickly whip up some Tree ornaments! In fact, you should just Washi Tape your tree."

Now, it is NO secret that I LOVE Washi Tape. And by "LOVE", I mean - Husband gave me 100 rolls of washi tape as a wedding present and it was the BEST. THING. EVAARR (video reactions included). I have washi taped business cards, lever arch files, advent calendars, Save the DatesBridal party requests, and Wedding invitations, I would washi tape myself new outfits every day if I could. So when it came to potentially Washi-taping our very first "husband-and-wife-Christmas-Tree", ahem, of course.

 photo washiChristmasTree2_zps73272afb.jpg  photo washitapetree5_zps4d19fcc7.jpg
It was super simple! All we did was take all my (precious) rolls of washi tape and fit them onto the branches of our tree! They look SO gorgeous all together and the tree looks beautiful, but also modern and trendy! If you wanted to get fancy, you could theme the colours of washi tape that you want to put on your tree. We just went ALL in with ALL the washi tape!
 photo WashiTape_zps9d1b3fdd.jpg
The only other decoration on our Christmas Tree is something my aunt sent us - which is a little heart frame with one of the very few wedding photos that we have (sad bride) and it's hanging right at the top of our Tree.
 photo WashiChristmasTree3_zps2cfa267f.jpg  photo WashiTapeChristmasTree2_zps175d3000.jpg
ME: WOW! This looks so awesome! We should decorate our Christmas Tree like this EVERY year! And each year we should get a bigger and bigger tree and buy MORE washi tape decorations for it!
Husband: um...

Whatever, I personally think it's a fabulous excuse to buy more washi tape.

 photo washitapetree2_zpsdebf770a.jpg  photo washitape7_zpsedbea1b6.jpg  photo washitapeChristmasTree_zps9cdf52ba.jpg  photo washitapetree_zps9cb4d401.jpg
A little while ago we posted some "cheap n dirty" Christmas decor ideas along with Michelle and Freya and this fits perfectly into the "budget decor" mix because I already had all the washi tapes - all it took was hanging them on the tree!

 photo washitapetree6_zpsa2914b91.jpg
We have a string of lights on our Tree - and it looks so pretty at night...
 photo washitape3_zps09bc85e9.jpg
I also wrapped Warren up in Christmas lights, because it's our first Christmas together as husband and wife - and isn't that what you're supposed to do?
 photo washitape4_zps1a0bff15.jpg

Season's Greetings everyone!
Hope you all have a very festive season!

Thank you all for all the love and support in 2013!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

7 things Sunday

whatif photo whatif.jpg

7 Awesome things that have happened this week:
  1. The brother arrived for a visit - so lovely to see him!
  2. We got our Christmas tree (I know, but rather late than never) and spent one evening decorating it. I LOVE our tree you guys! Will be posting all about it tomorrow - I can't wait to share it!!
  3. Had one of my most delicious curries on Bricklane - definitely can recommend The Brasserie Curry House - YUMMALICIOUS.
  4. Husband has had most of the week off and it has been SO awesome having some stay-cation with him, and also while the brother has been here!
  5. Spent another day at Winter Wonderland - had so much fun drinking Gluhwein, eating German-inspired food and getting festive!
  6. Warr booked for us to see Cirque Bezerk at The Wonderland - it was amazing! So many talented people and super death-defying stunts - I was literally on the edge of my seat.
  7. Had such fun in Leicester Square for drinks (Warr and I) and dinner at a small Italian place on Friday evening.
  8. Spent Saturday all snug and cozy on the couch, with hot chocolate, blankets, good movies while it rained outside. And some yummy noodle take-aways to round off the whole chilled-out lazy day!
  9. Today we are off together to do some last minute Christmas shopping and tonight we are off to some carol-singing with Warr's sister and little nieces.

I LOVE how easy this list was to write! And yes, I know there are more than 7, but I couldn't help myself with so many awesome things going on at the moment! Damn I love this time of year! Check back for our EPIC Christmas tree tomorrow!

What have you been up to this week?

Friday, December 20, 2013


 photo funfact1_zps447fae6e.jpg
I'm curious. HOW do they know this? Who wears the size 650 shoe for them to compare this to?
{This fun fact was sent in to me by GI Jane - thanks yo!}

* * * * *

 photo funfact2_zpsd083a7a5.jpg
That is one times floating porcupine.
Look at him trapped in that glass.
* * * * * *
 photo funfact3_zpse2969901.jpg
But... we already knew that.
* * * * * *
 photo funfact4_zps4951b456.jpg
Or if you are me, it can be used to create "fake blood" and trick innocent people.

* * * * *

 photo funfact5_zps27ed537d.jpg
You can tell from the statue of a mounted horseman how the rider died. If all four of the horse's feet are on the ground, he died of natural causes. One foot raised means he died from wounds suffered in battle. Two legs raised means he died in action.

EDIT: Have just had a reader comment below that the fact above is not entirely correct - whilst a lot of equestrian statues do fall into this basic convention - it is not hard and fast.This is a really interesting read at - which shows a whole lot of statues which fall outside this rule. The article also mentions some of the "coincidences" between the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations. Very interesting - take a read!

* * * * *
 photo funfact6_zpsc78cb63c.jpg
* * * * * *

 photo funfact7_zps9192dea2.jpg

That was pretty graphic.

* * * * * 

Happy Friday everyone! Husband has taken a whole bunch of days off lately and the brother is here - so basically this whole week has felt like Friday! Second to last one of 2013. Madness I tell you, MADNESS.

I can't wait to show you our Christmas Tree! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Well hello there!

 photo bird1_zps368a32a5.jpg  photo bird2_zpsa0340443.jpg  photo bird3_zps57db6230.jpg  photo bird4_zps8a818545.jpg

 photo bird5_zps386e3500.jpg  photo bird6_zps2284c899.jpg  photo bird7_zpsb25ab99b.jpg  photo bird8_zps9c2252ec.jpg  photo bird9_zpsadbed9a6.jpg  photo bird10_zpse58a1df8.jpg  photo bird11_zps713109cc.jpg
 photo bird11b_zpse89a995d.jpg
 photo bird12b_zps6840c224.jpg photo bird13_zps7772fdbc.jpg  photo bird14_zps0dba274f.jpg

"stop looking at my feet. You're making me shy."

 photo bird15_zpsb0af460a.jpg
.....I'm really good at fishing.
And building nests. And look at my colourful feathers of turquoise brilliance!....
 photo bird16_zps78872acc.jpg  photo bird17_zps9aa62d20.jpg  photo bird18_zps84a46bed.jpg
 photo bird19_zps243ae5bd.jpg 
 photo bird21_zps4294039d.jpg
*blink blink*

 photo bird22_zps9ba8dc17.jpg
"Well that's not very fancy."

 photo bird23_zps46f7b0d2.jpg  photo bird24_zpsb6452d61.jpg  photo bird25_zps9403cca3.jpg
sniff... sniff... sob... ..sniff...
 photo bird26_zps66937808.jpg

sniff... sniff... sob... ..sniff...
 photo bird27_zpsff499efc.jpg
*flap flap flap*

 photo bird28_zps03e2c157.jpg  photo bird29_zps3dd7901f.jpg  photo bird30_zps65ddc449.jpg

"killed it"

 photo bird31_zpsb5e1f510.jpg

The very thing to solve all your greenery problems!


 photo cropped-blog_header_zpse4d537fe.png

  photo bird33_zps925f6f4f.jpg

 photo bird34_zps7af1a9ba.jpg  photo bird35_zps34ea3c62.jpg

"Oh little Outdoor Kylie - you have SUCH greenfingers!"

 photo bird36_zpsfd4dfce5.jpg  photo bird37_zps5cdacb79.jpg

*rustle rustle*

 photo bird38_zps87392b8a.jpg

 photo bird39_zps2092911a.jpg  photo bird40_zps81cdd223.jpg
what beautiful bulbs!

 photo bird41_zps3a0f0f10.jpg


We LOVE exploring new places in the wilderness!
Off we go!

* * * * * *

 photo bird42_zpse5844f22.jpg  photo bird44_zps60a53966.jpg  photo bird45_zpsd6b20347.jpg  photo bird46_zpsa3093a5a.jpg

Be my lovebird?

 photo bird47_zps32331a94.jpg

* * * * * * 

Today I'm so excited to introduce you to Little Outdoor Kylie!  I first met Kylie at the Blogcademy I attended earlier this year - (you can read Kylie's awesome review here) and I'm so glad to have met this green-fingered little lady! Her blog is filled with all sorts of greenery and useful tips (Such as: Five tips for long lasting flowers and the ultimate festival packing guide for girls).

What I love about Kylie's blog is that there is so much to LEARN! (knowledge = power). I have been reciting to Warren all the origins of The Christmas tree - and in November she shared some of the traditions of pumpkins and pumpkin carving - some of them are so interesting!

And if you are looking for a really INTERESTING read - take a look at the Celtic Tree astrology signs - {I am a Holly, Warren is The Ash and my brother (who is currently visiting) is The Willow - I'd say they are all pretty accurate!}

Every week, Kylie introduces us to her "bird of the week" a little intro to some cool facts about the bird of choice and Kylie's awesome graphic take on them! (Which is where I stole her Malachite Kingfisher from for this post). We got chatting in The Blogcademy forums and she mentioned that she had thought about turning them into a card range - I say - they would be EPIC! She also introduces us to a new outdoor place worth exploring in her Wild Place Wednesdays and provides a bunch of useful tips and lists.

This month I have absolutely loved her 100 habits of a modern hippie - have a read through and see how many boxes out of 100 you tick! (I'm approx 96% hippie if you must know).

It has been an absolute pleasure having Kylie sponsor indieBerries this month! I have really learnt so much and had such interesting reads while paging through her blog - so definitely go check it out! You can follow her and keep up with interesting earth-child inspired posts and green tips here:

______________{Little Outdoor Kylie}_______________


If you are interested in sponsoring indieBerries and having your very own cartoon to promote your blog/brand or products - you can check out my sponsors page here!

* * * * *

PS Husband has the day off today, and the brother is here visiting - thanks to Kylie's post on the top five Christmas markets in London - I found out about The Southbank Christmas markets and we are headed there today!