Sunday, December 8, 2013

7 things I'm grateful for this week!

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7 Things I'm grateful for this week:
  1. An amazing blogging workshop on Saturday hosted by Nuffnang - had the most incredible time and met some awesome new people and loads of new blogs to stalk. #excited
  2. Our date at Winter Wonderland being postponed last night after getting there and seeing the queue to get in stretch half way around Hyde Park. We ended up going out for an awesome Pho Dinner and strolling through Oxford Street looking at all the Christmas lights instead - it was beautiful.
  3. Being in London - there is something so magical about being in London at this time of year. As we were walking down Oxford street looking at all the lights last night - the conversation literally went as follows: "oooh!! aaaah!! oooh!! Magical!! It's so MAGICAL! Ooooh! It's so Magical! Look! It's Magical!! Ooooh!! It's so MAGICAL!" Husband got sick of it after the first 7 minutes.
  4. Husband. At one point in the workshop on Saturday - we began talking about the support of your partner and their involvement in your blog and that the most successful blogs are often the ones who have the full support from their partners. I very nearly burst into tears when I heard that, because I am so grateful to have such a supportive man by my side!
  5. A few more card sales from my newly stocked Etsy shop this week! I still have loads more goodies to upload - but have made a start so far :)
  6. Being surrounded by amazing crafty, creative and inspiring people.
  7. Electric blankets. Viva la being warm!

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Rhianne said...

London at Christmas is my favourite, the lights are amazing :)