Thursday, December 5, 2013

People of Awesomeness: December!

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The first week of DECEMBER! (can you handle it?!) so it's my great honour (drum roll etc) to introduce you to this month's fabulous sponsors here on indieBerries!

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First up, we have the lovely little lass that I met at The Blogcademy earlier this year - Miss Kylie! Kylie's blog is an excellent example of niche blogging at it's finest.

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Kylie is a fabulous green-finger little lady and shares all her outdoor adventures on her blog. If you tuck into her blog archives you will find the most amazing "hippie-ish" things that you never even knew existed - I mean - 2000 Trees Festival... Have you ever?! Totally going next year!

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Kylie's signature posts are definitely her Bird of the week - each week she brings you a new bird to learn a little something about! And! She creates all these birdy images herself - such talent! (I think my favourite so far is the little Starbucks Starling! haha) I am WAITING for kylie's birdgeeking card range to explode! AHEM, Kylie :)

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(click over to Little Outdoor Kylie for the pic credits)

One of my favourite posts this month has been her "100 habits of a modern hippie" (go tally up your hippie-score! haha) and if you're in London - make sure you check out her Top Five Christmas Markets Post... I had no idea about some of these markets and I'm so excited to visit them!

Kylie is my main sponsor this month - so you can look forward to a "Kylie-inspired" cartoon later this month! For now you  can follow her here:

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Lulu from Berry Diaries is back again sharing her thoughts and I'm excited to be sharing some of her inspirational posts with y'all today!

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Lulu's post on "The four locks and keys" is so interesting! She talks about people who are genuinely comfortable in their own skins and that according to yoga-practice, there are four types of people in this world, and each different "type" requires a different way to engage (def. worth a read!). I am always so fascinated and craving to know more about myself and what makes me tick and a lot of Lulu's posts address those kinds of ideas - like the one on your "gut feelings" and intuition and also... I love the fact that she always writes completely from the heart.

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Lulu was jet-setting off to Zurich last weekend for the Christmas markets and her snaps from her travels are SO awesome! i LOVE this picture of this little bird having a bath! so CUTE!

Follow Berry Diaries here:

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Little Miss Medic - the rambling Doctor, has been up to her antics again! In the past few weeks she has seen a patient who has been pregnant 18 times! She has also been looking after a sick little pup (below - how cute!) and... in true Little Miss Medic style, has been talking about Va-jay-jay-jazzling.

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(I am not sure why I put these pictures together - that's very awkward of me).

I love the honest frank-ness of Little Miss Medic's blog and her encouragement for us to all "CARPE SCROTUM!" (grab life by the balls). Her latest post is.. erhm...about some.... "vaginal-knitting" - yeah, you probably wanna check that out.

You can follow Little Miss Medic Here:

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Jane is the owner and curator of It's a Bling Thing - a boutique shop which sells all sorts of awesome little goodies! She recently did her first market (high five!) and sent me her table "mock up" to have a peek at (below) - and I was super impressed! Those ceramics look so fab on those wrapped boxes! And such a clever and simple idea to create a bit of height variety at your market stand!

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There are lots of cool goodies and gift ideas to have a browse at in the online shop - lots of handy stocking fillers if you ask me!

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There are a variety of different things on offer through this shop - these ceramic animals would look really cool against a grey wall (I have had unbelievable urges to paint walls grey lately - ask Warren, anyway, I digress). Jane also stocks a offbeat mix of accessories - like these cross wooden earrings (above).

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When I was browsing through her shop - I came across a sTash of 'tache inspired things. I don't know if it's because I am missing the husband's MO (NO, I AM NOT) or what - but they all seemed to jump out at me because they are so awesome! Have a look at the moustache ring and moustache chain - epic! 

To find out when and where her next market is (which, if I'm not wrong could be this weekend!) Follow It's a Bling Thing here:

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Having recently started setting up my own Etsy Store - I was so excited when Pamela from Wired Boutique Store wanted to sponsor indieBerries. I know what it's like to get a small (craft) business up and running, so I am so happy to be promoting this little Etsy Boutique shop!

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Pamela makes beautiful hard resin domino pendants - and I love her new Christmas decor range! (See HERE and HERE). We don't even have a Christmas tree yet and I'm dying to decorate SOMETHING! How cute would these pendants look on your tree! (Also - I think that they would make such awesome additions to a plain craft coloured gift wrap - and they can double up as gift wrap, which the recipient can then use to hang on their tree!

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Some of my other favourites from her shop are these two above: the American-flag inspired pendant - imagine that with some denim cut-offs, white vest and killer biker boots! If it's too cold for mini denim shorts and vests (which in London, it is) I can suggest the crimson polka dot pendant with a burlap thread with a big cozy scarf!

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Otherwise, if you need a little more BLING in your life (who doesn't) then I can recommend this sparkling gem above!

You can check out Pam's blog where she shares some of her previous market galleries and musings. Follow her elsewhere here:

Thanks so much for sponsoring everyone!
Happy Festive Season!


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Rhianne said...

bird of the week, omg thats my new favourite blog series ever, I loooove birds, I'm there! Also, some other great sponsors too, I'm looking forward to having a browse through them all :)

Jane said...

Thanks so much Hun :) And I am most definitely at the Up.Market this Sunday again :) 9am-4pm High5 back ;)
Thanks for being so inspiring always

Che Kershaw said...

Ah Rhianne! I actually think you will love Kylie's blog - lots of outdoory adventurey things (lots of made up words in that last sentence)

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