Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DO NOT try this at home: Red Dog Saloon Hot Wings Challenge

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This post has been sitting in my draft box for quite some time now - today I had wanted to share a fun little Christmas tradition that my family does on the 24th, but then when I saw this post - I figured that I can't very well post it in 2014 - a whole "year" after the event. So CHANGE OF PLANS for today and instead of our fun Christmas tradition (coming next week!) You will be reading about "THE HUSBAND: BOYS WILL BE BOYS"

A little while ago, I mentioned on twitter that The Husband was going to attempt The Red Dog Saloon Hot Wings Challenge, which is of course extremely mad brave. The idea is "simple": 6 chicken wings, cooked in Naga Viper chili sauce. Eat all 6 wings, then sit for a 5 minute "burn-off". No water, no milk, no ice-cream, no bread, no nothing.

Just so you know, Naga Viper is the Guinness World record HOTTEST CHILI IN THE WORLD. On the scoville scale of chili hottness it is right there below US Grade Pepper Spray.
Anyway, where was I?

The Crowd:
 photo reddog1_zpsfc52ead6.jpg
(Above: Pre-red-wings challenge at a bar in Hoxton Square: Shan & I)
 photo reddog2_zps1bbab57b.jpg
(Above: Grant & Shan - recently engaged, yo!)
 photo reddog4_zps960687c3.jpg
(Above: Paula & Ryan - Ryan-man-of-Movember)
 photo reddog3_zpsf2c67878.jpg
(L-R: Grant, Shan, Ryan - awaiting the Red Wing Challenge - as observers, not participants. ie: "the sane people")

So, Husband decided he was going to do the HOT WINGS CHALLENGE, in front of the above crowd. Let it be known, that it was not a "spur of the moment" decision. He had decided on this challenge months ago and had been "training" for the event by ingesting raw chili on every occasion he could. Very Brave. Very inadequate training.

 photo reddog24_zpsdfa6df04.jpg
Me to Husband: You MUST eat some yogurt. You MUST line your stomach with some thick dairy!

So, we went out for pre-wings challenge drinks: Mojitos and luxury yogurt. As you do.

 photo reddog22_zps0e3ca0ec.jpg
Eventually we made our way to the Red Dog Saloon:
 photo reddog8_zpsaceb5e76.jpg
Husband: OH. THE. NERVES.
 photo reddog9_zps6ae11608.jpg
Yes. They make you sign a Waiver.

 photo reddog5_zps87ba17f0.jpg  photo reddog15_zps813909c5.jpg
The chicken-stare down.
 photo reddog18_zpsb09e6b52.jpg
We had amassed quite an "extended-crowd" and by extended crowd, I mean - the entire restaurant had come downstairs to watch the proceedings.
 photo reddog21_zps41c6c0ce.jpg
One of our new restaurant friends, was a Personal Trainer - 
which is hilarious to listen to in the video -
"come on Warren - eaasssssy work.... think of that holiday in Jamaica..."

(thanks Shan for filming!)

 photo reddog20_zpsc92f6fb0.jpg  photo reddog19_zps20cc7a50.jpg  photo reddog14_zpseaf17a78.jpg
So.. the husband passed the wings challenge with flying colours!
He got his name and photo pinned up on that wall! Well done husband! You have ACHIEVED!

Although, he will tell you that he was up the whole night with EVERYTHING happening. And by everything, I mean upchucking, sweats, stomach-ache, everything.

We had bought tickets to Thorpe Park Theme Park to celebrate a friends' birthday, which was taking place the day after the challenge. Needless to say, we had to forfeit our tickets and miss the celebrations in favour of staying close to the toilet.
 photo reddog12_zps2c21100d.jpg  photo reddogcartoon_zps565e3278.jpg

And that was that.

But what can I say?
He braved the hottest chili in the world and smashed it.

Warren Dyer, Man of Steel.


Keri Bainborough said...

Hahahaa! I remember this day/weekend! I don't know if I'd give up Thorpe Park for the toilet! But well done The Warr. Next time you're home I think you and Andrew should do a little chilli competing… ;)

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Holy smokes that is something I could NEVER attempt!! I barely handle a mild Durban curry. Well done the husband, you're a brave man!

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