Tuesday, December 3, 2013

indieBusiness: the "AWESOMENESS" of working from home.

 photo creativebusiness_zps90b507ac.jpg About a month or two ago, I started a new little blog series around the small/indie Business. As I start shaping my own creative business - I thought it would be handy for me to share with you any tips, thoughts, advice and random musings that I come across in my quest to take over the world with pretty things.

So far in this series (which is posted every Tuesday) I have covered
Today's post - is a more light hearted look at the life of a freelancer who works from home - Enjoy!

 photo freelancer13_zpsa0d7f306.jpg
Working from home is great, in fact it's pretty fabulous because more often than not - it means you are your own boss. But, there is also another sharp edge to that shiny sword...


 photo freelancer1_zpsc182376e.jpg  photo freelancer2_zpsab64e68b.jpg  photo freelancer3_zpsa5ab72c0.jpg
This is true.

In fact - way more often than I'd like to admit.

 photo freelancer4_zps9abd15c8.jpg
You justify this with the "well - nobody is going to see me and I shan't waste my fancy clothes. Besides, i like to be COMFY when I get mah shizz done."

Sometimes, your humble yoga pant will be in the washing basket.

This is fateful.

You may end up in your PAJAMA PANT.
Which is a whole new level of "freelancer-no-no"

But don't worry, you will find a way to justify it.

 photo freelancer5_zpsf162c7dc.jpg  photo freelancer6_zps82284b46.jpg
(just last weekend in fact, I attempted applying eye-shadow to my face with my thumb.
This is partly due to our overnight bag (CONTAINING ALL MY LOVELY MAC MAKE UP BRUSHES) being kidnapped by a train when we weren't looking - but that's a whole different story. Either way - I looked positively raccoon-ish.)

 photo freelancer7_zps26a92a51.jpg  photo freelancer8_zpsa6388d93.jpg
Freelance boys, you may start to "dabble" in "other" things too.
Don't be afraid - it's natural.

The English Language will begin to evade you - 
as I have just noticed from that incoherent cartoon-sentence above.

 photo freelancer9_zpsa46cd392.jpg
You will be GENUINELY surprised that the fridge has not managed to miraculously change contents in the last 3 minutes you have checked it. You will actually be SO surprised that you will have to go back and check it. Again.

Any excursion to leave the house is like a GIANT ADVENTURE. When your husband calls to say "shall I bring something for dinner for us on the way home?", your immediate response is,

Your husband, will generally not argue with crazy lady.

 photo freelancer10_zpsb4db11cd.jpg  photo freelancer11_zpse4e87e07.jpg
These debates may last hours.

 photo freelancer12_zps68b888f2.jpg

Just think about that for a second.

You guys, I am two conversations away from naming our couch.

You will drink WAY more coffee than is humanly necessary.
You will eat more than you need to.
Laundry and other household chores will become very important and immediately compelling. (Actually - I'm quite good at ignoring those).
You will find it very difficult to "switch off" from work at the end of the day. End of the day? What end? End of what? It's the end? When is the end? It is day? Work day? Home? Home work, day? I'm so confused. Your "work life" and your "home life" begin to get all mashed up like a giant pile of mash.
 photo freelancer15_zps9045ee88.jpg

It becomes EXTREMELY confusing when your work life is your home life is your work life is your home life - 

If you don't believe me -

just ask my couch.

___________ {the end} ________

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gijane said...

I can totally relate! Tea 6 times a day? Of course!!


Rene said...

Let me quickly go and brush my teeth

Bev F. said...

Haha all so true! Isn't working from home fun? ;-)

Lauren said...

Damn, I wanna work from home!

Pam Millershaski said...

I think I'd better change out of my yoga pants! I can totally relate!

Chelsea Ward said...

HA! YES! Oh man...going to the post office can be the highlight of my day, just to get in a little human interaction. But my books and illustrations always understand me better ;)

Helena said...

Haha, so true, I can relate to every single thing you said! I don't mind the yoga pants so much ;) But I do hate the non-existent interaction with another person.

Caleb Harris said...

No!!!! hahahah
*silently walk to the bathroom to take a bath*

Che Kershaw said...

haha YOGA PANTS for the WIN!! :)

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha.... me too.

Che Kershaw said...

foh shiszle!! more tea?

Che Kershaw said...

working from home is fun! (esp when the couch is so chirpy!)

Che Kershaw said...

haha that's how I feel about MY cartoons too! I just had a look at your work - so cute! the "What's a Warren?" totally caught my eye! love it! x

Chelsea Ward said...

Aw thank you! I love that one! I'm about to finish another little book up, Paige and her English bulldog Lola. Too fun! :)

Gaby Frescura said...

Spot on. Although I have found a very efficient way of separating working day from working evening. Wine.

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha wine is the ONLY way to separate "work day" from "home day"

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