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Well! That's a FABULOUS idea! 

I'd love to help you promote your blog/business/services/stuff!
We're gonna get along juuuuust great, I can already tell.

 but if (for some stupendous reason), you're still unsure about advertising with indieBerries - 

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indieBerries is a unique blog: it features funny cartoons; DIY crafts; general life musings; hilarious stories; kitchen calamities; grammar-nazi teachings and the occasional pretty picture. It is not contained by being a "lifestyle blog", a "DIY blog", a "food blog" or a "fashion & beauty blog" - it's just a blog of general awesomeness.

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The indieBerries readership has grown as a genuine audience who are truly interested and engaged in the content of this blog. As a result of this highly organic growth, the community and networks around this blog are active and enthusiastic.

(A few numbers: Taken as of 25 April 2014)

Pageviews for previous month (March) 169 000+
Pageviews previous 3 months: 240 000+
Current Twitter Following: 1 600 +
Current Facebook Page Fans: 1 100 +
Current Blog Reader Feeds
(Bloglovin, iMotiv, Google Friend Connect, Mail subscriptions): 1 000 +

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*ads are subject to approval: in order to maintain the integrity of this blog, all advertising taken on - will be in line with the ethos of this blog. ie: Porn_starWonderZ_69# you've come to the wrong place.


I am currently offering three different advertising packages on the blog - which are explained briefly below. All sponsorship-ads will appear on the right sidebar at the size and length of time you have purchased.

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Bottom line: They are all really delicious and if you ask me, a pretty sweet deal.

You can read below for specific details, pricing and special promos. You can also purchase any ad package using the shopping carts below -

I can't wait to 

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If you have any other questions - feel free to pop me an email at


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Johlet said...

Let me start saving! :)

femmegypsy said...

Ooooh your "Have your cake and eat it too" option starts on my birthday! Think it is a sign ;)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Do you have an 'end of the month' option....I'll also have to start saving.