Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inside boys cupboards.

 photo warrcupboard1_zps8c3d6a24.jpg
We've just got back from a short stay at Warr's folks house - it was so lovely to have some time with his folks. As you can imagine, we spent a good few hours snooping looking in all the drawers and cupboards in Warr's old high-school room to check out all the hidden treasures. I particularly enjoyed his "high-school-boy cupboard collages". You know the kind of thing: stuck up Prefects Pledges right below disciplinary hearings (naughty boy). Tons of old school pics, rugby team pics, high school cricket team pics, party invitations, international school exchange badges, school ball invitations and letters from old girlfriends. (lols)

 photo warrcupboard2_zpsa98eefeb.jpg
Since it's "Throwback Thursday" I thought I would whack these up - just to show you what an absolute Kool Kat I have married - (I believe these pics are circa 2001.)

 photo warrcupboard3_zps63bdacf1.jpg
We also measured the man against his height chart and we are delighted to announce that he has grown approximately 1.5cm in the last 13 years. Well done Warren.

 photo photo1_zps27917d7b.jpg
(please note: Junior Bob Card, bottom left)

We also found a massive bag filled with a stash of letters, notes and cards that I wrote to Warr when we first parted ways (at the end of his last year at University) and he went to Austria on a ski season. We haven't actually opened this bag yet (it's crammed full!) and I'm so excited to read all these old love letters - because I am sure there will be some gems in there! Will definitely fill you in when we've been through them!

 photo warrcupboard4_zps01992d23.jpg

Over dinner one night, his mom told me that right after Warren had met me, she got a call from him saying, "Mom, I don't know what to do. I have met someone who is awesome and I really like - but I know I'm leaving University at the end of the year and she's only in second year. I don't know if I should even get involved."

His mom replied, "I can't help you make this decision... but all I can say is, Follow your heart."

Thank goodness for moms.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunshine Adventuring!

Just thought I would pop you all a quick message from the land of Boerewors and Sunshine! We are in South Africa, for two weddings at the moment - and it's SO lovely to be home with all the friends and family! I have so many great snaps and stories to share with you all - am looking forward to a quiet moment to edit some pics to whack up here!

For a quick travel story - Warr and I (ON OUR FIRST INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT EVER) had four seats to ourselves on the plane - we basically airplane-spooned. We smashed half a sleeping tablet each and fell asleep with Warren behind me holding me on the chairs. At some point in the night, Warr must have loosened his grip on me, which meant I must have fallen right off the chairs - because in the morning he woke up with my feet in his face and I woke up with a very nasty bruise on my elbow. Although, we can't actually be too sure what happened because we don't remember any of it. In fact, I could have actually been sleeping on the floor for an hour or two - which must have been hilar for the air-hostesses to see. Epic.

Today we are off on the MOST exciting thing! But, I'll have to tell you all about it later!

To keep you busy while I'm off doing THE MOST EXCITING THINGS - check out some of this month's sponsors - Eye Heart Travel Blog, Femme Gypsy, Skype English Now and The Moss Letter Company.

Will fill you in soon! Can't wait!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm really into this "self-help/motivational" book that Lulu gave me to read. I am so into it that I have been quoting phrases to The Warr on an almost hourly basis. The whole book is about directed focus and how to effectively channel your energy to hone in on the ONE thing that will make you successful and asks so many awesome questions that help you determine exactly what that ONE thing is. (I will share more of my experience with this book soon!) Anyway - The following is an actual conversation that took place on Sunday morning - during our coffee-and-reading-session in bed:

 photo warr1_zps0674d5bf.jpg  photo warr2_zps5f2513a5.jpg photo rabbit1_zps02ba9a96.jpg  photo warr3_zps6bfc4e44.jpg  photo warr4_zpsacce7e7d.jpg  photo warr5_zpsc19d5b6f.jpg  photo warr6_zps6237f0c6.jpg  photo warr7_zps68ac43e6.jpg  photo warr8_zps1cff269c.jpg  photo warr9_zps4c18cb74.jpg  photo warr10_zpsc9910c07.jpg

Warren, I love you.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Eat Here: Inamo.

 photo inamoblog2_zpsc2393dc7.jpg
I guess in London we are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to cool restaurants and particularly novelty type eating establishments. (Remember that time we went to Bubble Dogs?!) So - while the brother was visiting us over Christmas - we decided to take a trip to one of the more novelty London eateries -  Inamo - an interactive Asian-fusion restaurant in Soho. So I just thought I would tell you about it - if you are looking for a cool new place to try in the City - for the approaching summer!

 photo inamoblog5_zps18944d77.jpg
What makes this restaurant so cool is that it is entirely interactive. The menu is projected from the ceiling onto your plate (above) - and you place your own order directly to the kitchen by "adding the meal" to your "cart" right from your own table. You can also change the "decor" of your table depending on your personal preference or mood!
 photo InamoBlog3_zps49b12606.jpg
While you are waiting for your food - (which seems to just appear out of nowhere) you have the option to interact even further with your table/friends. There are a variety of games that you can select including Battleships and puzzles. You can also read about things to do in the area as well as watch a live video feed of the kitchen - right from your table!
 photo Inamoblog8_zps8dcb3ba9.jpg
To be completely honest I didn't expect the food to be any good - I kind of assumed that the restaurant would fall back on the novelty draw card only. But we were so pleasantly surprised and the food we had was some of the best concoctions I've ever eaten! photo inamoblog9_zpsa0c1b3be.jpg
 photo InamoBlog6_zpsd81eeb55.jpg
We decided to go for the Salmon (GET-IN-MY-FACE-YUM) and the pork belly with a spicy chocolate sauce and crushed wasabi peas. With some smaller dishes of Asian-flavoured Aubergine and Chicken satay skewers.
 photo Inamoblog4_zps6e3627c1.jpg  photo inamoblog7_zps6f3f252a.jpg
I'd definitely recommend this restaurant! (And I would particularly say that it's good for a first date! That way... if things get awkward and you realise you're BOMBING OUT hard, you can always fall back on a friendly game of Battleship. {Hint: let her win and you'll redeem your DATING DIVE BOMB})

Or, if you're happily married - 
you can take your husband and let him win the Battleship.
 photo Inamoblog1_zpsf7cbad8e.jpg

London folk - where are some other cool restaurants that we should try?!

Friday, March 14, 2014


Warren and I fly home (to South Africa) on Wednesday evening for two weddings and I am SO excited. Let me clarify, yes - I am excited to go home and see the family and friends and celebrate our friends' weddings - but.. I am, like, really excited for flying with Warren. It is the first long flight that we have ever taken together. (Yes - we met in Thailand years ago - but I flew from South Korea and he flew from London, and yes we flew to Mozambique on honeymoon together) - but we have never actually flown LONG DISTANCE TOGETHER and I. AM. SO. EXCITED. 

And really - there is not THAT much to be excited about when you have a LONG flight to make in the cattle pens economy class. (HINT: BRITISH AIRWAYS - YOU CAN TOTES UPGRADE US)

Also - I have the WORST luck with flying - I ALWAYS end up next to CREEPS

(And this other time too)

but for some reason, for this flight, I am super excited. 
Conversation that took place a few days ago:

 photo flight1_zpsf15eb837.jpg  photo flight2_zps61f3d942.jpg  photo flight3_zps8f171df7.jpg  photo flight4_zpscf359c36.jpg

Self: I don't think you know exactly how excited I am
Him: I do.
Self: We should start planning. Are you going to get a drink on the plane? What meal are you going to order?  photo flight5_zps26160a9b.jpg  photo flight6_zps4fcf576f.jpg  photo flight7_zps29421d3b.jpg  photo flight8_zps5fffde40.jpg
Self: Should I take my book?
 photo flight9_zps076eb188.jpg  photo flight10_zps7b6f2367.jpg  photo flight11_zps3a9f503e.jpg  photo flight12_zps708250ae.jpg  photo flight13_zpse9125703.jpg  photo flight14_zpseeac2671.jpg  photo flight15_zpse334075b.jpg  photo flight16_zps10b42ac7.jpg
Self: I'm SO excited! Do you think I should try search online to see what movies are coming on the plane? Or maybe just get a heads up on the meal options so we can start deciding? Do you think they will give us blankets? I love blankets. And those pillows. They are cutest little pillows.

Warr: You know - you have actually flown on many international flights before.

Self: I know. But this is gonna be DIFFERENT.
Warr: Well... not that different.
Self: It's gonna be TOTES different.
Warr: How?
Self: Well. For starters - We will have two chairs.
Warr: But. You will still have your chair and I will still have my chair.
Self: But we can share. We can lift up those arm-thingies and then I can just lie on your shoulder. Should we practice? I think we should practice. I could also just lie on your lap. That might be easier. Where will I put legs though? We should practice sitting in small spaces - do you want to get in the cupboard with me? Just quickly - it won't take long - I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with my legs. Would you mind just a little bit of foot in your neck?



And Warren can't wait either.

* * * *
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
the sun is shining and everything is WONDERFUL!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Introducing... Mrs D!

 photo Blog_smal_zps11a00c38.jpg
Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a blogger far across the seas - living the dream -on the sunny Northern beaches of Sydney Australia.... MRS D! This month's main sponsor is the blog Mrs D plus 3 - featuring Mrs D - a South African born babe, living in Australia. Her blog chronicles all the events and happenings of her, her husband and their three kids as they negotiate the perfect chaos of every day life.
 photo mrsD_zpsa406a627.gif
Mrs D is a true beach babe - and I challenge you to scour her blog for any snapshot where the whole family is not decked out in beach gear, surfboards, sun hats and sunglasses - because, I don't think you will find them! (I'm not joking, I'm not joking, I'm not joking)

 photo MrsD1blog_zpse0a286dd.jpg
I love the honest writing in this blog especially when it comes to being a mother (read this!) and if you ever feel like you're having one of "THOSE" days - read this (hilarious) post - you are NOT alone. I think sometimes mother's need these kinds of posts circulating on the internet - you know what I mean? photo mrsD2_zps3c0fa0a1.jpg
Apart from the family posts and honest parenting "chaos" this blog is filled with a stash of yummy recipes! Since Easter is coming up - take a peek at these Bunny Carrot Cupcakes - so cute and perfect for kids or grown-up kids! And you know what... I think that I might even try my hand at making these gluten and nut free muesli bars - they look so delish, healthy and easy! (I will let you know how it goes). photo mrsD3_zpsdb0b4db7.jpg
Even though I am not a parent - I love this blog for the awesome parenting tips and tricks - especially this "Marble Reward System" - I think I would dub it, "Use marbles, to prevent you from losing your marbles". If you have kids (or husband that needs rewarding) read it. (I have totes bookmarked it for when the time comes!) Mrs D also talks about the importance of being "off-duty" which I think is something we could all benefit from!

This blog is filled with foodie-cooking inspiration, parenting tips and tricks, honest writing, blogging and photography tips and general life musings! Definitely one to add to your blog list!

* * * * * *

Before I sign off - and leave you with your coffee break to enjoy Mrs D plus 3's blog - I wanted to share one of her pictures with the caption:

"I REALLY need to find a new place to store the breakfast cereals"

 photo mrsdplus3wordlesswednesday5_zps70c08051.jpg
wahahaha hilar! (from this post)

Now go and enjoy some fab content all the way from Down Under!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Looking for something to do this weekend?

 photo PopUp1_zps87176a4b.jpg  photo popup2_zps27c67a96.gif

You guys, Pop Up Restaurants.

There is something so awesome and trendy about them - kind of makes you feel like you are dining in a super secret hot-spot that is so elite, it only lasts for 48 hours. Then all of a sudden, the whole thing is dismantled and it's like it. NEVER. EVEN. HAPPENED.

SO - I wanted to let you know about an awesome little Pop Up that is coming to London this weekend - so that you can snap up your ticket - before the whole thing is over in the BLINK of an eye!

What makes this Pop Up so awesome (apart from it being a pop-up, the coolness of which, we've already established) is that this one in particular is being "cheffed" by my friend, Ashleigh and the rest of the Belazu Team. Now, given my "cooking record" I know I am no "authority" on this matter... but you guys...  - I've tasted her food - it's legit.

 photo Popup4B_zps8fd50c44.jpg
The tickets are £35 each for a yummmmy three course meal and a welcome cocktail. The food is all Moroccan inspired: think delicious mezze platters, lamb shanks, aubergine, chickpeas, hummous, spiced yogurt, olives, pomegranate and epic dishes cooked in those Tagine things.
 photo Popup3B_zps3480573d.jpg
I have actually NO idea how those things work - but I know that what comes out of them is GOOOOD. Take a look at the menu here!

What makes this Pop UP even more awesome than it already is, is that over £20 from each ticket is going towards The Belazu Foundation - which supports the educational needs of children in England and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The Belazu Foundation will also match all the funds raised from ticket sales - which makes ONE ticket sale enough to educate a child in Morocco for an entire year. So it's a win-win-win-win situation. DO IT.
 photo popup5_zps78fe9fec.jpg

It's taking place on Friday (14th March) and Saturday (15th March) at The Dolls House in Hoxton Square - how awesome is that venue!? You better be there!