Friday, March 14, 2014


Warren and I fly home (to South Africa) on Wednesday evening for two weddings and I am SO excited. Let me clarify, yes - I am excited to go home and see the family and friends and celebrate our friends' weddings - but.. I am, like, really excited for flying with Warren. It is the first long flight that we have ever taken together. (Yes - we met in Thailand years ago - but I flew from South Korea and he flew from London, and yes we flew to Mozambique on honeymoon together) - but we have never actually flown LONG DISTANCE TOGETHER and I. AM. SO. EXCITED. 

And really - there is not THAT much to be excited about when you have a LONG flight to make in the cattle pens economy class. (HINT: BRITISH AIRWAYS - YOU CAN TOTES UPGRADE US)

Also - I have the WORST luck with flying - I ALWAYS end up next to CREEPS

(And this other time too)

but for some reason, for this flight, I am super excited. 
Conversation that took place a few days ago:

 photo flight1_zpsf15eb837.jpg  photo flight2_zps61f3d942.jpg  photo flight3_zps8f171df7.jpg  photo flight4_zpscf359c36.jpg

Self: I don't think you know exactly how excited I am
Him: I do.
Self: We should start planning. Are you going to get a drink on the plane? What meal are you going to order?  photo flight5_zps26160a9b.jpg  photo flight6_zps4fcf576f.jpg  photo flight7_zps29421d3b.jpg  photo flight8_zps5fffde40.jpg
Self: Should I take my book?
 photo flight9_zps076eb188.jpg  photo flight10_zps7b6f2367.jpg  photo flight11_zps3a9f503e.jpg  photo flight12_zps708250ae.jpg  photo flight13_zpse9125703.jpg  photo flight14_zpseeac2671.jpg  photo flight15_zpse334075b.jpg  photo flight16_zps10b42ac7.jpg
Self: I'm SO excited! Do you think I should try search online to see what movies are coming on the plane? Or maybe just get a heads up on the meal options so we can start deciding? Do you think they will give us blankets? I love blankets. And those pillows. They are cutest little pillows.

Warr: You know - you have actually flown on many international flights before.

Self: I know. But this is gonna be DIFFERENT.
Warr: Well... not that different.
Self: It's gonna be TOTES different.
Warr: How?
Self: Well. For starters - We will have two chairs.
Warr: But. You will still have your chair and I will still have my chair.
Self: But we can share. We can lift up those arm-thingies and then I can just lie on your shoulder. Should we practice? I think we should practice. I could also just lie on your lap. That might be easier. Where will I put legs though? We should practice sitting in small spaces - do you want to get in the cupboard with me? Just quickly - it won't take long - I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with my legs. Would you mind just a little bit of foot in your neck?



And Warren can't wait either.

* * * *
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
the sun is shining and everything is WONDERFUL!

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