Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun Facts: The food edition

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Today's Fun Fact Friday is the FOOD Edition! Let's begin!

I am sure you've all already been told about how much sugar is in Coca Cola - BUT, to put that in perspective for you - one Coca Cola contains the same amount of sugar as 1.77 shot glasses. Shot Glasses. Filled with sugar.

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Holy Moly.

* * * * * *

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seeds an all, ya know.

* * * * **

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I went to China once. (That blog post is actually not that interesting.)

* * * * * *

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That's NUTS man.

sorry, had to.

* * * * * *

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So if you ever need to operate on your friend on some remote island,
you know what you need to do.

* * * * * 

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* * * * *

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MacDonald's has more than 761 000 employees worldwide. 
Which is more than the population of Luxemburg.

Also: MacDonalds sells more than 75 burgers every second.

* * * * *
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Warren was looking over my shoulder as I was drawing this...

Him: Wow! Really?
Me: Yes! Well. That's what it says on this website.
Him: You're a peach!
Me: And YOU'RE an almond. And that's why we're married.

* * * * *


Am super looking forward to this weekend - it's been one of those long weeks. Ya know?
what are your plans? (ie: anything cool in London I should know about?)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A taste of our love story....

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A while back, I posted some wedding pictures of me eating (or feeding Warren) "KFC" on our wedding day - and since I have been asked by some indieBerries readers what that was all about - I've decided to share it today! Grab yourself a cuppa - because this post is juicy! (And you will actually need to read it, for it to make sense. lol).

 photo foodstory5_zps87004cd5.jpg

Before I begin this post on our wedding food - I have to give a HUGE massive THANK YOU to Margie - our most awesome caterer from Aubergine. Not only did she completely jump on board with all my crazy ideas (which began with a "build-your-own-pizza-at-your-table!" idea - {which nearly gave my mother a heart attack}), but she was so enthusiastic and awesome to work with. I can definitely recommend her services if you are looking for someone fab to cook you up a FEAST!

 photo DSCN0490_zps9c35c212.jpg
(Warr and I sneaking into the kitchen - to thank the kitchen staff on the wedding night!)

 photo DSCN0491_zps4ff949a0.jpg
Since the food is one of the main "ingredients" (lol) of a wedding, I wanted it to be part of the day rather than the thing you have to sit through in order to get to the drinking and partying. So we decided to come up with a way that guests could enjoy the food throughout the day and be guided through it... so I came up with the idea of:

"A taste of our love story"

Warren and I have had a very different/unique/interesting/up-and-down/long path that finally led us to our marriage and we wanted to share that story with our guests and what better way to do it, than through our food.

 photo WarrenChe_124_zps9839f86b.jpg
As part of our canapés, Margie served a very "South African" array of goodies - cones of biltong, "braai-broodjies" and spicy crumbed chicken (which she put in KFC containers - that my dad managed to source from the KFC head office).

 photo WarrenChe_123_zpse4abb1f0.jpg
Warren and I met in South Africa, at a Rhodes formal dinner - with a "trailer trash" theme. The night we met - we were served KFC from big family-sized buckets - trailer park style. At this point, our guests had no idea why they were being served (delicious) spiced chicken from mini KFC buckets - but it was the first hint of the "taste of our love story" that they were about to enjoy.

After canapés on the lawn, guests were ushered in and requested to find their seats. Typically expecting a starter to arrive - our guests were surprised (with many ooohs!! and aaaahs! going around) - when the very first trays of food to be served (following the amazing array of canapés outside) were tinned mugs of ice-cream and lemon juice!

 photo foodstory2_zps29c8744f.jpg

If you go back and read the story of how we met - you will realise that Warren seduced tricked me into sampling his "ice-cream and lemon juice" concoction - which is what led to our first kiss. So we decided to serve that first to our guests as a little something different - with a note explaining it's significance (above).  The note also helped guests to make sense of the "KFC" that was served outside. From then, our MC explained that the food of the evening would be part of the love story that developed between Warren and I - and each course would be accompanied by a little note for guests to piece together our story. Serving ice-cream and lemon juice first - definitely made guests sit up and take notice of their food and they were all so excited for the next course to arrive!

 photo foodstory1_zps8f7c8f83.jpg photo foodstory6_zps91809307.jpg
Our food was served in between speeches which gave guests time to re-fill their drinks and enjoy the meal (and love story), course by course. The next course of food to arrive were Greek Mezze Platters for the tables - 

 photo foodstory9_zpsc04063b1.jpg photo foodstory8_zps4d0df202.jpg photo foodstory10_zpsec2f18eb.jpg
With each course, I created a menu that included a "food-story" timeline - so that our guests would know where exactly in "our journey" they were. Each slot on the timeline was revealed only when the course was brought out with the explanation. So that by the time the last course arrived - our guests would have the entire love story and could read it along as it happened chronologically from March 2005 (when we met) right up until our wedding day.

 photo foodstory12_zps225c073a.jpg
Following the Greek Mezze Platters, guests were each served a deconstructed salmon and cucumber sandwich (the note of which is above). Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it - but it was delicious!). This course represented the trip I made to London in August 2011 - where we had pimms and cucumber sandwiches overlooking the Thames - swans included. I printed the menus on brown cardstock (which co-ordinated with the Moroccan tones of the decor) and I brushed each menu with copper, bronze and gold paint along the edges - which matched so well with the coppery pots and jugs that formed part of our decor.

 photo WarrenChe_199_zpsea24cbaf.jpg
Next on the tables was a deliciously lip-smackin' Thai Green Curry. In October 2008, (when I had just moved to South Korea - and Warren was still living in London), we decided to meet up on holiday in Thailand

 photo foodstory13_zpse21ddb33.jpg photo foodstory11_zpsd183dec8.jpg

We served the Thai green curry with chopsticks (always fun for guests!) that were tied with personalised wedding ribbon. Attached to the chopsticks was a little note that linked the chopsticks to South Korea - where Warren came to visit me for the weekend (shortly after my trip to London - the one where we decided "it was on!")

 photo IMG_0371_zpsa11016e9.jpg

The last course to be served was a scrumptious plate of Easter Eggs, brownies and strawberries. Warren proposed to me on the Good Friday of Easter (6 April 2012) and we were married exactly one year later, on the 6th of April 2013. It seemed only fitting that our final course included Strawberries and Easter Eggs - which we also incorporated into our wedding cake.

 photo WarrenChe_225_zpse20f555d.jpg
On the 6th of April 2012, 2583 days after meeting, Warren flew to South Africa to surprise Ché for the Easter Weekend. Ché was completely caught off guard & nearly fell off the balcony when she saw him. That night, exactly one year ago today, Mr Warren Dyer got down on his knee and proposed.
And of course,

She said yes.

 photo foodstory14_zps27892002.jpg photo WarrenChe_198_zps1aaf9ddf.jpg photo WarrenChe_197_zps4d06d59b.jpg

Ahhh.... *sigh*

Such good memories!

Once again to the awesome Margie from Aubergine - for putting up with my thousands and billions of papers, strange menu requests and creating such INCREDIBLE gourmet food - our guests absolutely loved it and we cannot thank you enough!

* * * * *
The story behind the sunglasses - coming soon.

PS. Thank you to all the friends and family whose pictures I have used in this post - our photos are a big jumble so I'm not very clearly able to credit you all - but thank you so much for sending them to us! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bad Day, good wife.

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The husband had a horrible day at work the other day. Like. A really really horrible one. I could tell from his messages that he was feeling super low. And, I don't know about you - but when husband is feeling low - it breaks my heart. Ain't no amount of broken-heart-streaming-tear-emoticons can explain how it makes my heart ache. So - as my wifely duty, I decided to devise a little paper adventure to cheer him up when he got home.

 photo goodwife5_zps6ae45bb8.jpg
The very first note, I stuck outside our apartment building - so that he would see it as soon as he got home to our block of flats. I didn't want to scare the neighbours off with soppy notes of love - so I put the first note into an envelope with just his name - (above) and stuck it outside:

 photo goodwife6_zpsd782711f.jpg
The note inside the envelope (above).

The other side of the note in the envelope - 
led him to the fruit bowl in the apartment building entrance hall.

 photo goodwife7_zpsb6c20127.jpg
 photo goodwifepic2_zpseaac94c4.jpg

I had to be sneaky and hide it under the bowl - because I didn't want any ol' creep seeing it and thinking it was for them. No. You don't want that.

 photo goodwife8_zps46dc214a.jpg

(above) the envelope under the fruit bowl.

 photo goodwife21_zpsae555e1c.jpg

Inside the fruit bowl envelope: A flaming bomb. 
Because you can't buy flowers for boys with beards.

 photo goodwife10_zps79d08349.jpg

If you give someone a bomb, you must certainly direct them to the fire-extinguisher. Which I most certainly did - located on the second floor - right outside our front door.

 photo goodwife14_zpse912d5f8.jpg

(I did not get a very good snap of this because I could hear someone coming up the stairs and it is very tricky to explain why you are taking pictures of the fire extinguisher without anyone suspecting you of an impending pyromaniac attack)

 photo goodwife11_zps41d8c786.jpg

In the envelope behind the fire extinguisher -

 photo goodwife12_zpse7a43e38.jpg  photo goodwife13_zps15c0f6a8.jpg

And finally - on our front door -

 photo goodfwifepic1_zps65d17d84.jpg
 photo goodwife16_zps94db2ae3.jpg  photo goodwife18_zpsa0c0ca73.jpg

Except - there was one problem when husband with his down-trodden-head arrived home -

 photo goodwife2_zps3d5c5892.jpg

 photo goodwifecartoon1_zps0d76c8ce.jpg  photo goodwifecartoon2_zps4f258ef4.jpg

And then?

What did I do - to my husband who has had the worst day in the world?

I shouted at him.

 photo goodwifecartoon4_zps90fd4d6d.jpg  photo goodwifecartoon5_zps894948d6.jpg
Which was fine...

because by the time he had gone back outside into the cold and collected 
every. single. message I had left for him,
he arrived back at our front door laughing.

Job. Done.

And just so you know....

 photo goodwife19_zps9ddaaaf3.jpg

I'm true to my word.

 photo goodwife20_zps1109004e.jpg

And even something extra because nothing says "boo hoo"
like eating ice cream out the tub.

 photo goodwife17_zpsdd1095d7.jpg