Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Smashing the Glass

 photo smashglass1_zpsc6a6f5a0.jpg
To catch you up if you missed it - it was "the-incident-where-we-lost-all-our-wedding-photos-to-an-evil-canine". After discovering that our wedding photographs had been sabotaged by a dog, I went through a rather "dark phase". And by "dark phase", I mean dark. phase. In fact - I passed through a mulitude of emotions including:  photo smashglass3_zps4c6aa67b.jpg photo smashglass4_zps40c8a82c.jpg photo smashglass5_zps2c908226.jpg

but I was happy to settle for anything else which provided shattering, cracking or snapping. photo smashglass9_zps2b46cff2.jpg
I wanted to smash windows. I wanted to kick dogs. I wanted to punch babies. Mother tried to console me over the phone, I threw my iPhone against the wall. Father emailed me some words of comfort, I burnt my Macbook on the stove top. photo smashglass6_zpsb02ff8d4.jpg
Let's just say... it was a  photo smashglass2_zps999c7f93.jpg
 photo smashglass7_zps36c956f4.jpg  photo smashglass8_zpsde2557f0.jpg

YEAH!!! I'm IN!!


This girrrrl KNOWS what she's TALKING ABOUT!

* * * *
After a few days months, once the rage had cooled, I hopped on over to Smashing the Glass and discovered that 'This girrrrrl' does indeed know exactly what she's talking about - gorgeous, elegant and original weddings for style obsessed (Jewish) brides!
 photo smashing10_zps5ca603a1.jpg
I must say - there is something really beautiful about looking at wedding photographs - they are always filled with such joy and emotion (this couple walking down the aisle!), and for me - it has been strangely cathartic to peruse through wedding blogs such as this one. (Also, kids at weddings are SO CUTE.)

  photo karen_cinnamon_zps228d20e7.jpg 
Karen Cinnamon (above) is the founder of Smashing the Glass. (I drew you a little cinnamon diagram for extra clarity). The concept of the blog grew from her planning her own wedding and realising that there was a need for a wedding blog catering specifically for modern Jewish brides - a place where brides can come to gather ideas, whilst still maintaining elements of Jewish tradition.

Although Smashing the Glass is primarily focused on the Jewish Bride - it is an awesome resource for any couple planning their wedding and each wedding posted on this blog is filled with awesome ideas, interesting decor or creative ideas. Like this couple using their photographs as a timeline of their relationship and I LOVE the high-end feel of this wedding and the way they have incorporated cow-hide into their celebrations! Super cool!

 photo SMASHING_THE_GLASS_zps8ebc8c8e.jpg

I have learnt so much about Jewish weddings and traditions from reading Smashing the Glass - including the tradition of actually smashing the glass (read here!) and a full glossary of Jewish wedding terms here! (I have noticed though, that Jewish weddings tend to be glamourous and elegant - like this one! - Wow!)

Since the SEASON OF WEDDINGS is upon us - it has been so awesome having Smashing the Glass as a sponsor this month, Thanks so much Karen! I have no doubt it will be a give many indieBerries brides' hours of wed-spiration!
Happy clicking!

And PS, if we ever decide to get married again - I will just hit up her smashing suppliers list to book myself a photographer!


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GeeGee said...

sounds cathartic, I like it

fathima said...

LOL, i love those ragey drawings! I feel exactly like that... pretty often :P

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha - am feeling VERY ragey lately - sick an all. haha

Claudz said...

Why didn't I find her site when I was planning my part Jewish wedding!! What an amazing resource!! Very useful for the second wedding (don't worry, to the same guy, but once we have the religious aspect sorted)

Smashing The Glass said...

Thanks for the kind words, Claudz! I only launched the site last June so that may be why you didn't find it! I'd love to hear all about your part-Jewish wedding though - drop me a line at :)

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

I am slightly obsessed with weddings, more so with weddings that are non traditional or different culturally. What a fab site to satisfy all my wedding stalking!!

Smashing The Glass said...

Glad you like it - please do come and wedding stalk regularly! Thank you to Che for introducing it to you :)

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