Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bad Day, good wife.

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The husband had a horrible day at work the other day. Like. A really really horrible one. I could tell from his messages that he was feeling super low. And, I don't know about you - but when husband is feeling low - it breaks my heart. Ain't no amount of broken-heart-streaming-tear-emoticons can explain how it makes my heart ache. So - as my wifely duty, I decided to devise a little paper adventure to cheer him up when he got home.

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The very first note, I stuck outside our apartment building - so that he would see it as soon as he got home to our block of flats. I didn't want to scare the neighbours off with soppy notes of love - so I put the first note into an envelope with just his name - (above) and stuck it outside:

 photo goodwife6_zpsd782711f.jpg
The note inside the envelope (above).

The other side of the note in the envelope - 
led him to the fruit bowl in the apartment building entrance hall.

 photo goodwife7_zpsb6c20127.jpg
 photo goodwifepic2_zpseaac94c4.jpg

I had to be sneaky and hide it under the bowl - because I didn't want any ol' creep seeing it and thinking it was for them. No. You don't want that.

 photo goodwife8_zps46dc214a.jpg

(above) the envelope under the fruit bowl.

 photo goodwife21_zpsae555e1c.jpg

Inside the fruit bowl envelope: A flaming bomb. 
Because you can't buy flowers for boys with beards.

 photo goodwife10_zps79d08349.jpg

If you give someone a bomb, you must certainly direct them to the fire-extinguisher. Which I most certainly did - located on the second floor - right outside our front door.

 photo goodwife14_zpse912d5f8.jpg

(I did not get a very good snap of this because I could hear someone coming up the stairs and it is very tricky to explain why you are taking pictures of the fire extinguisher without anyone suspecting you of an impending pyromaniac attack)

 photo goodwife11_zps41d8c786.jpg

In the envelope behind the fire extinguisher -

 photo goodwife12_zpse7a43e38.jpg  photo goodwife13_zps15c0f6a8.jpg

And finally - on our front door -

 photo goodfwifepic1_zps65d17d84.jpg
 photo goodwife16_zps94db2ae3.jpg  photo goodwife18_zpsa0c0ca73.jpg

Except - there was one problem when husband with his down-trodden-head arrived home -

 photo goodwife2_zps3d5c5892.jpg

 photo goodwifecartoon1_zps0d76c8ce.jpg  photo goodwifecartoon2_zps4f258ef4.jpg

And then?

What did I do - to my husband who has had the worst day in the world?

I shouted at him.

 photo goodwifecartoon4_zps90fd4d6d.jpg  photo goodwifecartoon5_zps894948d6.jpg
Which was fine...

because by the time he had gone back outside into the cold and collected 
every. single. message I had left for him,
he arrived back at our front door laughing.

Job. Done.

And just so you know....

 photo goodwife19_zps9ddaaaf3.jpg

I'm true to my word.

 photo goodwife20_zps1109004e.jpg

And even something extra because nothing says "boo hoo"
like eating ice cream out the tub.

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Amy said...

Love this! I like leaving notes for my hubby and doing stupid things to make him smile after a bad day, but clearly there is waaaaay more room for me to be creative!!!

Rhianne said...

I heart you and I'm sure Warren does even more so :) x

Laura said...

This just greatly cheered up my day :D

Lulu Johnson said...

LOVE this! You are the best wife (and friend!) x x x

Mo van Wyk said...

Che, you are amazing.

Johlet said...

Ahhh you def get the best wife award!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha - he loved it the MOST when I sent him back out into the cold waha

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha there is always room for improvement!! :)

Che Kershaw said...

yay!! I'm glad to have cheered up your Tuesday! x

Che Kershaw said...


Che Kershaw said...

I'm going to print out myself a "BEST WIFE" plaque for our first year anniversary and make warren give it to me.

Bev F. said...

You are so sweet!

Bailey Schneider said...

You are honestly the sweetest and erm... you put the rest of us to shame. Haha. Must up my game! x

Kat Forsyth said...

Ack, that is SO FREAKING CUTE. And makes me feel bad for not doing something as adorable!

I KNEW it was going to turn out that he hadn't found them, though! Men!!

Keri Bainborough said...

You are too clever and thoughtful. Hope work is getting better for The Warr. Xxx

Nicole // A Life Less Beige said...

You are actually the best wife in the world. Love this post.

Dee said...

Haha laughed at the ending. I was actually worried at the start that he would not see the first envelope!
This was very sweet, though! Well done, you.

Anna Li said...

aww. that's so sweet. <3 this definitely made my day. :)

Claudia said...

Looooove it! Che' you must be the best wife in the world evvaaaaaaaar!!!

Chireez said...

Ahhh this is so sweet and creative! Hahahaha it must be a real adventure being married to you. :)

Phumi said...

This is so adorable.

Warrz said...

Best worst day I ever had, thank you ❤️