Wednesday, January 22, 2014



I have begun my "yoga journey".
Now bearing in mind, I am at the total beginner stages of this whole "practice-thing" but I have been really inspired lately (mainly by Lulu who recently became a yoga teacher). The husband surprised me last weekend with a 6 month subscription to the Bikram Yoga Centre in Wimbledon. I was so excited that on Monday morning, I rushed out of bed - MANY hours before the sun, got dressed, kitted and was rip-roaring-ready-to-go - only to realise that there is no Monday morning yoga class. Bearing in mind, that I am NOT a morning person. But don't worry, I curled back into bed (in my yoga kit) and bonded with my book, it's all cool.


I have been trying out some different yoga poses at home - and have been reading up about different armstands. So last night, I was home alone waiting for the man to get back from work and decided to attempt some armstands of my own:

I attempted the crow/crane/bakasana. After a few many attempts.... FINALLY -

 photo namaste1_zps4f2be89b.jpg photo namaste3_zps7855c6f8.jpg
(probably closer to 30 seconds in reality. Whatevs.)
 photo namaste2_zps4fb05633.jpg photo namaste4_zps91e006e8.jpg photo namaste5_zpsfe5e8a11.jpg photo namaste6_zps31fbf5aa.jpg photo namaste7_zps1e06f538.jpg photo namaste9_zps4382f4b8.jpg photo namaste11_zps726acd0e.jpg

I didn't even fall at all.
Not even a tiny little bit, at all.

And, Obviously, I got the whole thing on film.


It may appear that my body is very different - but you know what they say -


Also - I was on beach.

And there you have it.


* * * * * * * * * * *

Note: instagram video is taken from yoga_girl - go follow her if you want some uber yogi inspiration or to see more of me  her doing handstands and other awesome shizz. (And check out the retreats on her website). It is NOT me in that video - in case there was any confusion.

Although, if you got us confused -

I wouldn't mind.

 * * * * * * * * *

Who has some cool yoga vids or inspiration to share with me!?

Some other awesome yogis to follow on instagram: beachyogagirl, yogahippie and om_yogi or you can follow me - where I will no doubt start sharing all the ways I fall on my face or activate my camera using my eyelashes *Coming soon*


Rhianne said...

Ohh yoga instagrams! Thanks for sharing. I am restarting my yoga again and I really love it, I try and do it every morning and it makes the day seem so much more bearable :)

Rhianne said...

Ha get it bear-able. Not even planned :)

Che Kershaw said...

Wahahaha!! You are such a yogi bear!!

Mariska van Wyk said...

Yes! I recently started practising yoga too! Most of my movements are on video on my instagram

Keri Bainborough said...

Did you see Nicola Tweed's blog post on Colleen?
Check it:

My earth angel is getting famooose!

GeeGee said...

totally saw bearable!! heehee

GeeGee said...

Actually exclaimed with swear worded astonishment seeing that video-holy cow that's so cool. Watching her core muscles work as she moves is so impressive...WANT!

P. S I'm sure by the time you build up your tan to match hers, you'll also be copying the moves. Wow.

Che Kershaw said...

SERIOUSLY. go watch them all. You will die.

Lulu Johnson said...

Che you make me laugh so much! I love Yoga girl! And you must look at Yoga Beyond too! Some inspiration for if you ever get War doing yoga with you too:) You could copy some of their moves!! Chat soon my little Yogi! X

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha - lulu! I did this exact yoga pose for warr about 25 minutes ago! just to prove i could do it! ... soup turned out "delicious" (minus the bits of charcoal we had to fish out, lol)

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