Friday, January 3, 2014

Fun Facts

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My little brother has been visiting us in London this festive season - so naturally the husband and I have taken to showing him around the big bad city. One evening we ventured out to a pub along the Thames and (to be honest) I wasn't really paying too much attention until I heard husband mention the phrase "yeah... cars were melting an' everything.." Of course my ears perked up when I heard melting cars because who doesn't want to hear about that shizz?

Me: What? Cars are melting? what??
Husband: yeah. for real.
Me: I don't believe you. What are you even talking about?
Husband: You see that building over there? That curved one?
Me: Yes...
Husband: Well.. they had to put a dark screen over the one side - because basically the entire building is shaped like a gigantic magnifying glass. It was totally melting all the cars parked in the street below. Fryin' people like ants an all!
Me: Wow, that is the most epic knowledge I have ever heard.

So today, I have decided to dedicate this edition of "FUN FACT FRIDAY" to the random knowledge that I have learnt from the husband this week.

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Above: the building in the aforementioned "car melting" catastrophe. If you look carefully, you can see the dark screen they have put over the windows on the one side.
Below:  My very scientific diagram demonstrating the problem.
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Another epic fun fact I have learnt from the husband (random fountain of knowledge) this week, is that in the UK -
 photo funfactbobby2_zps382fd6f7.jpg  photo funfactbobby_zps7050e30d.jpg
I have NO idea how this conversation came up at all - but The Warr just rattled off this most bizarre fact and finished off with a

So, I did google it.
And here it is, in my latest edition of FUN FACT FRIDAY!

Who woulda thunk?!

Tonight we are planning on having a proper RELAX  - the brother flies back to SA this evening and it has been go go go go go with all the seasonal festivities/tour-guiding/Christmassing/New Year-ring. As such, husband and I are planning on a spectacularly chilled out night tonight - to gear up for a good weekend of productivity and getting all things on track for 2014! I suspect the evening will involve some kind of (indulgent) food which I don't have to prepare, a movie which starts well before 8pm and getting to bed at an hour that would make teenagers turn up their noses in disgust. In other breaking news - today I have done THREE loads of washing - which actually makes me feel like a real DOMESTIC GODDESS. In fact, I should probably fashion myself some sort of cape for these occasions. Perhaps I will add that to the weekend list.

What are you up to?


Sarah Libros said...

Wait these are amazing fun facts! I knew about the building melting cars but had been wondering what the solution was. Good to know that it has been resolved and the cars of London are safe! Love the police one too. I wish it applied to all women, would really help my bladder out!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaa my question is... WHO is *actually* taking the policemen up on this one?!?! Happy New Year!

Wonderland Clothing said...

I heard about this melting shizzle but honestly thought it was an urban myth, clearly not! Have a wonderful weekend beauty.