Thursday, January 2, 2014

People of awesomeness: January!

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Welcome to the New YEAR! Crazy how time flies! I hope everyone has had a fabulous break! I have had a bit of a "time out" from my computer and it has been good for the soul! But now I am totally ready to get back into healthy routines (hello Christmas-belly) and back on the blog wheel! I'm starting off the first post of 2014 with a bang by introducing you to this month's awesome sponsors! I must say, opening up indieBerries to sponsorship has been so awesome for me because I have found some epic new blogs to follow in the last few months of sponsorship! So... without further gabbering - here are this month's sponsors!

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I don't know about you - but I feel like in the last month or two, EVERYONE got engaged. And by EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE. If you're recently engaged or currently planning your wedding - then I have just the blog for you! AND - if you are looking for cool Jewish style ideas - then Smashing the Glass is DEFINITELY the blog for you! There is something so beautiful about scrolling through different weddings - especially dramatic weddings such as this one. Paging through Karen's blog - has been so interesting for me and I've learnt so much about different Jewish wedding traditions - read about the tradition and meaning of "smashing the glass" - also, take a peek at this gorgeous post of different wedding traditions from around the world - so beautiful! And as another little exciting announcement - click here!

You can look forward to another post featuring Smashing the Glass and a personalised indieBerries cartoon! I can't wait to share it with you!

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This month - I have two main sponsors and I'm SO excited to introduce you to this awesome lady! I've had a good peruse of her blog and I am absolutely amazed by her story! (To sum up: Gaelyn went through a surgery which left her with a drop foot - in SPITE of this, she is currently training for an Ironman! She has also dropped 35 kilograms - which is basically the size of a small human! As a result of her journey she has also started her own company for those people who need motivation and encouragement to reach and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. What I really like about her blog is that she is honest and candid about her journey - and you can read about the kind of "relapses" that we all experience from time to time. This woman's blog is filled with inspiration and I'm so excited to be sharing her stories with you!

You can look forward to another individual post featuring the awesomeness of Heart of Iron as well as a personal cartoon for this lovely lady - coming soon!

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If you have the itchy-feet-travel type personality - then this is the blog you should be following! Katie is a wanderluster of the ocean - she is currently working "the yacht life" and documenting her travels as she goes! Even reading her travel bucket list makes me antsy for more travel in my life! Also - I love the idea of sampling different cuisines from around the world instead of the traditional Christmas dinner! Her blog is filled with beautiful moments, funny travel anecdotes and a smidgeon or two of handy travel advice! If you're in the mood for some soul searching - check out this post!

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This is the third month Little Miss Medic has been sponsoring indieBerries - and it's been awesome having her! The diary-like peek into her life is always crazy/fun to delve into - take a peek at her chaotic Christmas festivies and read her beautiful tribute on the passing of Nelson Mandela. Also - read this story... hahaha!

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The Moss Letter company is a return sponsorship customer and that really makes me SO happy - because it lets me know that sponsoring indieBerries - does work and will help boost your blog or business! I've mentioned it before - but I love these mossy letters - and can't wait to have our own home to decorate with fab green letters! I love how Jo has overhauled the site - to give it a bit of festive cheer- go take a peek! Jo's blog is also such a good source for anyone starting their own business because it is filled with little nuggets of information - I think this post on "glitterbombs" is so awesome and inspiring!

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Thanks so much to everyone who has sponsored indieBerries this month - 
I wish you all a smashing 2014!

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Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Yay thanks for introducing me to your followers! Can't wait for my cartoon... x

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I love Little Miss Medic.

Happy New Year!