Monday, January 20, 2014

Decor Details

 photo details2_zps7109b136.jpg
Last week an indieBerries reader sent me a message asking if I would be sharing any more of our wedding pics - and that she was particularly curious as to why I was noshing from a box of KFC at my wedding. After the "incident with the wedding photos" it has been pretty disheartening to trudge through the half-pile of screen grab pics, semi-edited shots, facebook-friend-shots and complete mess-pile that is our "wedding album".

I have tried to slowly sift my way through the mash-up of folders on my desk top to try and create some kind of album for us. As I was searching for some food pics to share - I have begun to realise just how much of our wedding I haven't actually shared on indieBerries. Partly because after we found out that our photos had been sabotaged by a dog - I didn't really feel like trying to sort through the shots we do have.

On the semi-positive side of having our wedding photos destroyed - I have actually been in touch (via email) with another bride whose wedding photos were on the same hard drive as ours. We have exchanged a few emails  - mainly containing words which are not appropriate for this blog. We're internet pals now. It's cool.

Perhaps, because it feels like SO MANY people got engaged at the end of last year, or that wedding season is kicking off and people are looking for inspiration, or that our very first wedding anniversary is fast approaching (whaaaat?!?!?) or perhaps it is because I am currently busy with two different sets of wedding stationery, bespoke wedding cartoons and three different wedding guestbooks.... whatever the reason, I am suddenly feeling all wedding-ish! So I've decided to share some of the snaps that never made it to the blog last year.

Before I share the food - and the story of the KFC, I thought I would start off with some of the detail/decor that we had.

These photos were taken by our photographer and are screen-shots of a computer screen (I know). I have had inner turmoil about whether to a) leave these photos completely un-credited, or to b) credit the photos appropriately and give a bad impression of the (very popular) wedding photographer that we hired.


Note: I have nothing bad to say about the photographer we hired, we loved his style and portfolio and think he is a great photographer - which is why we chose him. I do however have some very choice words for his dog. Will leave his work uncredited so as not to petrify anyone who may read this and has recently hired him. (Trust me, I'm pretty sure he won't be making the same mistake again.)

So anyway - here are some of our wedding decor details!

  photo details5_zpse47e1af9.jpg
 photo details6_zpsdf5911d7.jpg

I love rich bold colours: golds, bronzes and coppers. So we opted for a "Moroccan-esque" wedding theme to be able to incorporate those ideas into our day. I also knew I didn't want too many flowers taking over the show, so it was great to have a few quite striking "stalks" in the gold and coppery pots dotted around the room. Very dramatic and statement-y. The "theme" also worked so well with our wedding venue, Netherwood - because of how well the coppery/bronze pots toned in with the wooden sleepers (behind in the pic above) and the rough/textured walls (below).

 photo Screenshot2013-08-14at113658AM_zpsfecf75e6.jpg
 photo details4_zpsb3f3c22b.jpg
The glass pots, bashed copper kettles and mosaic bowls we had on the table centres looked so gorgeous when the sun went down and the candles were lit. They created such an awesome warm glow! I wanted all the tables to be different - so although each table had a similar vibe going on - no two tables were the same.

 photo Screenshot2013-08-14at112546AM_zps036e618d.jpg photo details1_zps72e29221.jpg
 photo details8_zpsdef3a638.jpg   photo details3_zps04b0ea5e.jpg
We wanted to incorporate bright and fun colours into the day - (take a look at our flower girl dresses here!) so we put bright pops of colour over the chairs, and onto the name cards which were laid on gold chargers.

 photo Screenshot2013-08-14at112957AM_zps317db45f.jpg
As wedding favours for the ladies, my aunt and uncle embroidered some throw blankets with our names and the date -
We had a variety of different coloured throw blankets (above: purple/mauve and below: orange). We also had some bright pink blankets and turquoise blue blankets.

 photo Screenshot2013-08-14at112943AM_zps387111d2.jpg

 photo Screenshot2013-08-14at113812AM_zpsbf9fa8a4.jpg  photo Screenshot2013-08-14at112445AM_zps63f6604e.jpg

I wanted everything about our day to have a textured "made with love" kind of feel - so we used lots of different papers - tissue papers, metallic papers, coppery papers, recycled papers. And washi tape. There was a LOT of washi tape. More on that to come.

 photo Screenshot2013-08-14at112235AM_zps3317135c.jpg  photo Screenshot2013-08-14at112208AM_zps787a68c4.jpg
As favours for the men, we bought different sets of games including dominoes, playing cards and pick up sticks. I wrapped each of the games in brown paper and added different coloured strips of "feature paper". I then hand stamped messages onto each one. Messages included things like "hearts"  - on the playing cards. "game on!" - on the dominoes and "pick up lines" - on the pick up sticks. Other messages included "play", "happy" and "thank you".

 photo details9_zps205ee71a.jpg

Will share some of the foodie pics we have soon!
I can't believe it was almost an entire year ago - MAN ALIVE - time has FLOWN!!!


Rhianne said...

I wasn't expecting as many photos to be honest, so now I'm wondering how many other screen grabbed gems you have hidden away haha. All these are gorgeous Che, even if they aren't super amazing, high resolution photos, you did such a great job with the details and they're lovely captures of that :)

femmegypsy said...

Agree with Rhianne! I never thought you had as many and they are not at all bad :)

Che Kershaw said...

We do have quite a few photos! (mainly screen grabs) These are screen grabs so we wouldn't be able to print them very big. We have quite a few party/late night shots, some of the food and some of the chapel - but no getting ready shots and absolutely nothing from our couple shoot. Will post the ones we do have :) and friends have been amazing with sending us photos from the day! Flashsticks arriving all the way from Australia! x

Che Kershaw said...

(see my comment below here- haha) will def post a few more snaps that we have. Mainly sad that we don't have any of our families together. Warren's sister took some lovely pics on her SLR - but she was in all the family shots! And obv wasnt there for our couple shoot!

Rhianne said...

That makes sense definitely, I would be sad about those too, I'm glad you have something though. Perhaps you could have another shoot together on your anniversary? In fact if you ever come to Leeds (hint hint) I'll take some photos of you both :)

Rhianne said...

Love that you've been getting them from Australia! :) x

Che Kershaw said...

haha! Im IN!! We are home in march and I actually want to bring my dress back with me when we come back :)

femmegypsy said...

At least you and Warr seem to be pros at the couple selfie so will definitely have enough couple photos for the grandkids ;) I cannot wait to see the rest!

Michelle said...

It looks gorgeous - love the copper accents.

Tammy said...

Um, not to overexcite you but I'm in the process of arranging a "styled shoot" with some amazing photographers in the midlands, in March. If you and Warren would consent to having your (totally gorgeous) faces in some portfolio work, it would be wonderful to have you as one of our model couples. If you're keen shout and I'll email you :)

Che Kershaw said...

uuuuuh... not to over-excite YOU - but we would LOVE to!!! <3 <3 <3

Kat Forsyth said...

Dagnabbit, I was about to suggest something similar! Actually, why not!? You could get 50 couple shoots for free from photographers like us! I've felt bad about your pics since you posted about it, and I'd love to do some for you at some point! I'm always involved with styled shoots and things like that! Obviously don't want to horn in on Tammy's offer, but if you are interested over and above that, let me know!

PS It's killing me with curiosity as to who your photographer was. PLEASE message me and tell me! I'm having suspicions based on something else.

Xandra | Fashionably Light ★ said...

Ha. Pick up lines. I get it.

Che Kershaw said...

AAAh!! We would totally love some shots in our bridal gear! even a trash the dress style! (I have said to warren that since we have no pics maybe on every anniversary we should dress up in our kit and have photos taken somewhere?! - will need to keep the wedding body up though - LOLS.

haha if you really want the name of the photog you can pop me an email and I will get back to you :)

Che Kershaw said...

wahaha. I KNOW. I CRACK myself with all my witty puns. lol

Che Kershaw said...

thanks Michelle! when are you back in London town?!

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