Monday, December 30, 2013

2014: Expectation Anxiety.

I have been feeling anxious lately.
 photo anxious1_zps490b0e7b.jpg
The kind of nail biting, stomach churning anxiety that makes you want to eat everything. (Disclaimer: extra kilograms may also be attributed to "season FEASTivities"). 

As the year draws to an end- we all start getting a bit reminiscent by thinking back over the year that has passed and looking forward to the year that is to come - (fresh start and all that). The more and more I think back over 2013 - the more anxious I become.

Because here's the thing:

I think we've peaked.
 photo anxious3_zps595c680b.jpg
Peaked too early - 
like a fresh-outta-high-schooler at their first university party 
with ALL the booze, 
passed out by 5pm.

The truth is,

there is absolutely nothing - apart from; winning the lotto, marrying Warren (again) or an entire album of our missing wedding photos miraculously appearing on our doorstep - that could ever top the year that I have had.

And, when you've had the best year of your life - well, by common mathematic & logic principles - nothing will ever beat it - so REALLY, there is nothing left to look forward to in this bleak and dismal world (kidding)
 photo anxious2_zpsdf7b4822.jpg

At the risk of sounding cheesy (and there is honestly no other way to say it) 2013 has truly been the best year of my life. A year of marriage, a year of learning, loving, growing together and the start of building our future as husband and wife. I have absolutely loved adored/hearted/cherished/treasured/prized/appreciated every single moment from this year. (and I actually thesaurused the crap outta that - because I didn't know how else to say it).

In reminiscent fashion, I thought I would highlight some of my most loved moments of 2013
(Note: the "bestness" of this year has had everything to do with Warren - everything else on this list was lovely, but quite secondary)
  1. Married my hero and had the most spectacular wedding and the best day EVAARRRR.
  2. Celebrated Warren's 30th in London with a table tennis tournament at the bar Bounce
  3. Our Honeymoon (part 1) at the most luxurious game lodge - everything about this was incredible.
  4. Honeymoon (part 2) at a private island off the coast of Mozambique - AMAZING... and hot dayymn husband is a feast for the eyes with a tan on his-self! (yeah, click that link)
  5. Moved to London to be with my new husband!
  6. Got a brand new passport and name - "Hello Mrs Dyer!"
  7. Saw Mumford and Sons (and Ben Howard & Bears den && Edward Sharpe) on our three months-married anniversary.
  8. Did the Colour Run & The Colour Festival - fun!
  9. Moving into our first "husband & wife" house.
  10. Balcony braais, walks in the common and enjoying general "house" things together.
  11. Loved London Summer, late sunny nights and all the festivities!
  12. Attended The Blogcademy and met some awesome people.
  13. Creating our very own "Sunday Tradition" - more on that another time :)
  14. Watched cricket at The Oval
  15. Launched The Photo Hunt.
  16. Was introduced to Yoga by Lulu
  17. Opened up indieBerries to sponsorship.
  18. Did my very first market for indieBerries cards and stationery.
  19. Re-launched my Etsy Shop
  20. Had the brother come over to visit on holiday.
  21. Have loved the Festive season in London - Winter Wonderland, mulled wine, Oxford Street lights.
  22. Celebrated our very first Christmas together. (Not only our very first Christmas together as husband and wife, but our very first Christmas together, ever. ie: we have never actually ever been "dating" over Christmas. ie: In our 6 years since meeting, we have never actually dated a whole year before now. Weird, right?)
 photo anxious4_zps200a31f3.jpg

Me to Warren:
What was your favourite moment of this year?
Warren: I will.
Me: What? We haven't written wills.
Warren: No, "I will"

that would be our equivalent of "I do"
 photo anxious5_zps75d462a6.jpg
And apart from all those big moments of this year, I think the "little moments" have been just, if not more, lovable - like walking into the bathroom every night, to see that Warren has already put toothpaste on my toothbrush or spending lazy rainy days curled up on the couch with good movies, blankets, hot chocolate (wine) and each other.
 photo anxious7_zps14c29177.jpg

Me: How on earth are we going to TOP this year?
Warr: ... easy!
Me: ...well.... I DID dream I was pregnant...
Warr: Well, we will NOT be topping it that way.

 photo anxious6_zpsd002dafd.jpg
{For those of you know how about our wedding photo TRAGEDY (that was the one crappy moment of 2013), we have finally (after almost 10 months), been able to view our wedding video in our house - the above pic is a photo of our TV screen - am hoping to scrape together an album out of our wedding video, by taking photos of the TV - lol. would love to share some on indieBerries - even though it's approximately a year late - but love never goes out of style!}

* * * * * *

Warren has taken it on as his personal challenge 
to make the next year even better than the last - 

2014 - 
We're ready for you!

PS - In case you haven't seen it on twitter or instagram - I made a little video of all our moments of 2103 - you can see it here.


Dee said...

Awwww!!! What a fantabulous year you had indeed! This post is so sweet, it's how you get ants!

I'm sure you'll find a way to top it, somehow. Glad I "met" you on the bestest year of your life!

Nadia van der Mescht said...

Awesome year for you! I do hope you can get some extra TV snaps! x

Kat Forsyth said...

It has been a year of epic awesomeness! Ha, you should have spread it out a bit. :-)

I'm sure if you give your wedding video to a clever videographer person (or just someone techie-minded), they will be able to pull some decent stills out of it for you. Don't take photos of the tv! Those always look so shit, with the weird wibbly tv lines on them.

Gemma Roberts said...


: )

Keri Bainborough said...

Jussie I dig you guys. X

Che Kershaw said...

haha - yes will try and get our DVD to someone who has a bit of technie knowledge! I would try do it myself - but for some reason, it doesn't play through my computer!?!

Hope you have a fabulous 2014!! Happy New Year! x

Che Kershaw said...

Thanks Nadia - I hope so too! Hope 2014 is a fab one for you! x

Che Kershaw said...

Thank you lovely lady! It was lovely to meet you too this year! May 2014 be AWESOME! x