Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Milk War continues...

A while ago I blogged about The Milk Wars. Steri Stumpie has just emailed me about "Revolutionizing the World of Flavoured Milk"

All Steri Stumpie Fans are invited to attend the Launch of the Official 'Steri Stumpie 10' taking place at the Labia Theatre - Cape Town, on 2nd November at 17:30.

I just have this to say:

Click on to the Facebook Group if you are keen to attend :)

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why I can't see full text in your RSS feed, do you allow full articles?
Let us all express our opinions here. Do you think random babbles like this should be allowed to hang in threads or should they be erased? Share your opinions.
I'm looking for an expert in this field for some off-site work. Anyone interested?
It's not a good idea to make me upset, and when my comments get removed I get really sad.

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