Monday, October 25, 2010

I've come across something WONDERFUL!

In my internet prowling I've come across Fuzzimo - an amazing blog/site that has a variety of free downloadable textures/ pictures/ accessories/ tutorials/ Photoshop brushes etc etc.

Also another awesome little haunt - Paint the Moon  which has photoshop actions and textures. I downloaded the free version of The Bees Knees Photoshop actions and I used them on these photographs:

AFTER (using the 'buttery' photoshop action):
AFTER (using Buttery Action):
AFTER (using Vanilla Pop Action):
AFTER (Using Frosting Action):

I'm off to print some of these (and a few others today) for a giveaway I want to do soon... yay!

Have Fun :)
Fuzzimo - Click Here.
Paint the Moon - Click Here.


Corve DaCosta said...


max said...

awesome! glad I found your blog. just started playing around in CS4 recently and I absolutely love tutorials from psdtuts+ and pshero.

Che said...

thanks max - check this out if you're interested: