Sunday, October 3, 2010

7 things sunday

I realise that I did not write a 7-things sunday list last week- due to the fact that I was getting ready to make the Epic trip back to Korea. So here are the 7 things that I've learnt over the past two weeks:
  1. Flying halfway across the world for 'the weekend' to see the family (and win two blog awards) is totally worth it.
  2. Mojitos should not be had on an empty stomach
  3. If you can't find your eat*pray*love*  - DO NOT PANIC: just eat*pray*and-eat-again*
  4. You will not be comfortable in economy class for a flight that lasts more than 7 hours. Learn that now and do not even try.
  5. Manners maketh man and well-behaved kids make a happy teacher.
  6. Family and friends are truly the most important thing
  7. Learning the art of patience takes time.


Kaloo said...

8. Don't forget to breath.

This I found extremely important when a friend of mine told me she had won an obscene amount of money at the casino on one of her girlie-weekends.
I think I stopped breathing for like 37 minutes while she went into the Body Shop to buy Vanilla-scented shampoo. When she came out I was all blue and frothy and my eyes were the size of footballs.
She pinched me and told me she was just joking, and thats when I remembered to breath again.
That could have turned out so tragically!
Like I wouldn't be able to blog about it today, which I plan to do right now.

Anonymous said...

Tick for #6