Thursday, October 14, 2010

the road trip to Busan...

So the past three days I have been on a road-trip down to Pusan/Busan (it's interchangeable) for the International Film Festival with my lovely friend Kristi. (Hence the lack of blog posts but hopefully this will help cure the withdrawal symptoms.)

We left Seoul after work on Sunday night and got onto the train. Little did we know that we had chosen the creep train. Our carriage was filled with grimy old men stinking of soju, someone having a full sign-language conversation (with himself) and a few Zombies. One of the Zombies approached Kristi and wanted to sell her some gum. 

Kristi (being the good samaritan that she is) bought the gum from scary zombie:

so we got addicted to the cigarette gum and chew-chewed all the way to Busan. (also we took the train.) *did you see what i did there. chew chew. train. get it? it's funny. *

Anyway. we got to Busan around midnight-ish and booked into a (creepy) love motel. complete with red lights and dead hookers hiding under the bed. (just kidding about the hookers - that was the imagination of Kristi and me)

Had an early start to the next day - and decided to stop off and get some breakfast at the coffee shop "coffine guru" down the street.

me: hello coffee man, can I please have a chicken sandwich.
coffee man: oh, sorry we dont have that.
me: ok then, no problem, can i have the tuna sandwich then?
coffee man: sorry, we don't have that either.
me: vegetable sandwich?
coffee man: no sandwiches.
me: but its on your menu.
coffee man: but no ingredients.
me: ok. can you recommend something?
coffee man: we have bagels.
me: ok. one bagel and cappuccino with low fat milk please.
coffee man: no low fat milk.
me: ok. just bring me whatever you have.

*so they didn't have any ingredients. but they did have a WINE ZONE. yes, a curtained off WINE ZONE section. in the coffee shop. WITH a disco ball.)*
Here is my breakfast. (it was delicious-i'm so glad i chose it.)
and also... we got FREE MATCHES! (these will come in handy later.)

Kristi did a lot of hard work making sure all the movies we wanted to watch didn't clash and that we had enough time to get from one movie house to the other. i just annoyed her with taking pictures.

For those people who were unable to attend the Film Festival.
Here is Che's fantastic (personal opinion-ed) guide to all the films we saw.

As with most film-festival/artsy-thing-a-migs there are always the fair share of obnoxious/"i'm-way-better-than-the-average-joe" {in this case "i'm-way-better-than-the-average-asian-who-doesn't-speak-fluent-english} people.

The Q & A Session with Viv Fongenie went something like this:
Whatever. we didn't know what she was asking. but neither did the director. it was awkward.
and also very fun.
We also watched a collection of international short films that night. I have no comment on those films since we found a restaurant with a wine buffet right before we watched it. 
yes. that's correct. WINE. BUFFET. a BUFFET. of. WINE.

Moving on to CHE'S FILM REVIEWS DAY 2:
After Day 2 of movies we went to get drinks and nachos from a great mexican place Taco El Puebla. (it's near to Fuzzy Navel, tucked away in a building behind a family mart- you'll find it if you try.)
Then we decided we needed to win couple-shell necklaces from the Dart throw game.
Let me explain the rules:
1. You pay for a set number of darts.
2. You stand behind a counter and throw the darts at the balloons.
3. The more balloons you hit, the better your chance of winning a prize.

OK my turn:
well done che. you won a necklace! OLLEH!

OK Kristi, your turn.
and then something awesome happened:

* * * 
(no further creatures were harmed in this incident. the bear sadly was completely stuffed and didn't make it.)
we won those matching shell necklaces we were after (and some fireworks for our efforts).
that's me. on the beach using my fireworks wand AND handy FREE MATCHES from Coffine Guru (see i told you they would be useful) to channel Harry Potter and wizard duel with Voldemort (aka Kristi-innocent-bear-slayer).
We watched two more movies on the last day and got in some beach time and an awesome photoshoot... oh and ALSO! we met Lowell... but that's a whole new story...
* what a fun time with Kristi! *

Watch a movie tonight.


Ndileka said...

Lovely post che! i feel normal again now that you have returned to your blog :) haha

Hojune "Tristan" Choi said...

Che... I AM LIKE ROLLING ON THE FLOOR NOW!!!! I am glad to see that you had a good time in Busan. You better share that gum with me next time! LOL

Kaloo said...

I have posted a pic of that mangled dartified bear on a pole in my garden to keep stray bears away.
It must be working... I havent seen a bear since I stuck it up.
Admittedly I havent seen a bear here in all my life, but still.. you get the point :)

wernerkrause said...

was waiting for the next post excitedly and was not disappointed! great job. love the movie descriptions.

Bobby said...

Haha, was literally laughing out loud at this one.

Your cartoons are awesome, as always :)

Anonymous said...

What on earth is this all about? How much more trivial and self-absorbed can you get? Hollow and empty with capital H andE. Sorry guys, this deserves a dustbin, not an award.

Che said...

Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to check out my blog. It is a personal blog so I do tend to blog about what happens in my life. If it's not your taste I am sure you can find many other more interesting/political/social-problem/factual/information/news type blogs. If you would kindly leave your name/email address I can direct you to some. Thanks for taking the time to comment. - Che.

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