Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grand West Genie

So the old news is that i flew back to South Africa a while ago (for one week only) to attend the SA Blog awards but here's the new news: While in Cape Town we checked out the Sun International Grand West Casino...
very lovely.
this is what we found inside the casino:

(Jeff Dunham - super awesome ventriloquist)

* i love it when the gambling machine spits out pink hearts at me! *
(you are about to witness the addicting nature of gambling.)

haha. gambling is fun. haha. (especially when the machines talk to you like this one)
it was at this point we decided to go back to the Jeff Dunham Ticket counter to see if anyone had shown up...
we've been waiting so LONG! :(

...more waiting....
(che is only in cape town for one weekend and this whole waiting thing is some serious wine-farm-tasting-time sacrifice.)


(said in non-creepy way)

(in a non-creepy way)

a huge massive thanks to the Sun International Genie (Gavin Taylor) for the complimentary tickets. The show was incredible. Jeff Dunham is HI-LAR-I-OUS.

Watch Jeff Dunham here and here do it. do it now.


Anonymous said...

But: what were you doing at grand west in the first place?!

Che said...

haha. missing out on the wine-farms, that's for sure! ;)

Dee said...

It was FANTASTIC! What great talent.Glad we don't have to put up with Walter!

Anonymous said...

Wine farms would always be the priority in my book ;)

Anonymous said...

why didnt you draw mom as well, is drawing anything more than three characters and a genie too much for you to handle???

Che said...

the mom was too busy preventing the brother from wasting all of the fathers money on the slot machines.