Thursday, January 27, 2011

click frenzy

I will be honest.

When i am creeping around on the internet on any blog/website/twitter/facebook (etc) and i come across this:

being the click-happy, internet slut connoisseur that I am, I immediately get like this:

and then clicking frenzy begins... now for those of you who have never been on the internet before, one link takes you to another link and then that link takes you to another link and another link and so so so on and on and on until you end up on a site that sells fabric-lined, deodorized kitty litter boxes. 
and you don't own a cat.
in fact, you don't even like cats.

There are plenty of occasions however where you end up with this:

big-bright-bad-ass chest full of gems and secret treasures and a few pearls of wisdom thrown in for good measure. So anyway the other day I was creeping around on Cape Town Girl Blog. (see that right there? that's a link) and i came across THIS LINK. i will tell you. it is very pretty....

Here's a special treat!

let the click frenzy begin.

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