Thursday, January 20, 2011

found this, must share.

so i was bumbling around the internet... as you do... and i came across this DIY DSLR camera BA
G. (that's a lot of acronym going on over there. LOL.) Found at a beautiful blog - Vanilla and Lace.

ah, it's fancy.

check out the post here and make your own camera bag.


Jessica.B said...

That's really cute. TY for sharing. Heading over to check it out right now.

sunnie fairy said...

Oh, I've seen that- isn't it brilliant?!

Cupcake Couture said...

I love this!
Now - I just need the camera for the bag! x

Bobby said...

This is stunning!
Makes me want to go out and buy a fancy camera just so I can walk around with a fancy camera bag.

Mands, with love said...

Oh Em Gee. That's beautiful. As girls, we can't be lugging around big black camera bags. It's just not right. x