Monday, January 24, 2011

good engrish, very pretty, i like.

Before I came to Korea, I was madly obsessed with obscure and weird english-mash-ups -  You know the kind of random Chinese/english junk you find in those obscure 'South-African-Asian' stores with really fancy names like "Jessica's Fashions" or "HappyBuy" with Asian owners who don't really understand you, but anyway they cram you into a tiny photobooth, with rabbit ears, big sunglasses and furry Russian hats to take pictures that are printed on small stickers that say HAPPY TOGETHER!

... just me then?... oh, ok.

anyway, I digress. Let's keep it simple.


as you can imagine, since coming to Korea, for me it is like Asian-English HEAVEN. (insert chiming bells noise now). I absolutely LOVE the konglish that is just ALL over the place here.  

For example, it even occurs in our day-to-day teaching. As it did with Kristi today:

it kills me.

Anyway, these pics are taken from an old facebook album of mine, so I thought I would share:

"a simple gesture a single movement the word, a look. sometimes these disappoint me greatly, but most of the times they are very moving to a realistic dreamer like me i am dreaming of you in my own fantasty. Thank you for dreaming together."
so deep, so moving, so simply LYRICAL.

it most certainly does.

this doesn't need any explaining.

yes, indeed we are.

i will have you know, there are several of these bars. Ho Bar I, Ho Bar II, Ho Bar III, you get the idea...

"Love is... with palpitation just like the first time with the consistant heart all the time you will be my only love forver... STARM"

LOOK! it's my konglish-name in the middle! and we are tied together with Hearstrings!
this shirt is PERFECT if your name is Shae and you have two sisters tied together with heartstring, one named Sarah and one named Susan! 
and if not,
i guess then that's a bit tricky.

BBQ pork libs omelet is DELICIOUS.

Marital harmony a glutinous rice cake.
i can't explain this.
because... i just. dont. know. how.

i love a good prece.

that's what you always want.

and the final picture, is truly the crowning glory. Found on a small kids t-shirt in a Dongdaemun shopping market. The picture is blurry, which is probably a good thing. (I have a clearer one if you'd really like it) And i'm not even going to caption it, i'm just going to let you all figure it out.
that's all.