Sunday, January 16, 2011

7 things

  1. Life is precious. Don't forget it.
  2. I am now no longer a Cancer star-sign, but simultaneously a Cancer AND a Gemini... i always knew i had difficulty making up my mind.
  3. Drinking games will always get you into trouble. always.
  4. If you sleep with a dog on your bed, you will wake up with puppy love in your face.
  5. Double-dipping your chip into a communal dip, or a cookie into a cup of hot coccoa, may not be the most hygienic, but it is the most delicious.
  6. i don't know how to spell hygienic. and i had to look it up :(
  7. (HYPOTHETICALLY) if you are going to tell your parents you are pregnant. make sure you have a good build up. and, that they are sitting down.