Monday, January 3, 2011

Date night

Right now I'm on the most lovely date. With myself.
So far this morning I got up, watched an episode of friends in bed eating cereal, went to gym, showered, moisturised with brazil-nut murumuru oil butter (eat me) blow-dried my hair and put on some sexy scent (Bali dreams) in preparation for my fancy date.

We had to make a first unfortunate stop at the dentist (ps: HATE DENTISTS) and then we headed out for a late lunch.

Man at restaurant was confused as to me ordering a couple set meal for only one person, but obviously he didn't realise I was on a date with myself. It was a restaurant i've never been to before-but my date suggested it -so I went with it and although I'm not entirely sure what the food was- (since the English was average-to-poor and never visited restaurant prior), it was delicious. And my date paid. Score two points.

It's been really cold lately and there is a lot of snow around. (side note of warning: Ice is VERY ICY) when we left the restaurant it was so cold outside so my date decided to buy me a beautiful grey scarf to keep me warm and take me to starbucks.

Also a few hair accessories and treats thrown in for good measure. WHAT a catch! Date didn't even complain when I spent most of the coffee-hour playing on my iPhone and reading blogs on the Internet.
I made this for my date using the sketchbook express app to say thank you for the coffee:

PLUS! date remained very calm and un-jealous when random korean strangers named Mickey tried to harass me in Starbucks!

After delicious coffee we (with myself, NOT Mickey) strolled along the beautiful snowy park. Very romantic. I know.

Then my date had to go grocery shopping. This was slight date-fail. But it was made up for with a brand new DISNEY PRINCESS ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH!!

And dangerously cute new socks and underwear!

Wow if my date continues to pull out all the stops like this...
Well, I might just have to take myself home...


Being Brazen said...

hahahah. loved this :)

glad you had a great date. You sound like an awesome catcg.

Being Brazen said...

Ps - I mean "catch"

Donna-Ann said...

Ha-Ha, this date sounds so fabulous!! I think I need one of these dates...

FarmGirl said...

Hope you have an awesome 2011!xxx

Dee said...

Was Mickey worried?!!

A great date!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I think I need a date like that with myself :)